The Differences Between Hidemyass And StrongVPN

By: Vikram Kuamr

Both Hidemyass (HMA) and StrongVPN offer VPN services, which, among other things, help to hide the electronic identity of your computer. There are many uses to which VPN can be put, not the least of which is safety. Retaining your anonymity while making your way through the internet can help to protect you against malicious hackers who try to obtain any sensitive information that you might have stored on your computer. Most recently, these VPN services have been used by a great many people to help them access streaming media websites such as Netflix and Hulu.

One difference between HMA and StrongVPN is the number of server changes that is allowed. With HMA, the number of server changes that you can make is unlimited, whereas with StrongVPN, a limit is imposed. The reason why anyone would change from one server to another in the first place, is the possibility that a particularly server becomes compromised for whatever purpose that you were using it for. A media streaming website may identify a particular server as being used to circumvent its restrictions, leading it to place a ban on all connections coming from that server. You would then no longer be able to use that server, and would have to change servers.

When it comes to the number of possible countries that you can disguise your identity as coming from, HMA offers addresses from over 23 countries while StrongVPN only offers choices from a range of 15 countries.

One thing to be wary of when using VPN services such as HMA and StrongVPN is the fact that some websites really do not appreciate you hiding your identity. eBay, for example, is designed such that it really places a premium on transparency of identity so that users can be called to account for their actions, debts, and other things. Your account with a particular service might undergo added scrutiny simply because you are using a VPN, so you need to do careful research on the particular sites that you want to use.

On the other hand, the sheer anonymity provided by using a VPN service is an unbeatable attraction for some people. These people hate the idea that their internet history can be traced, so subscribing to a VPN allows them to surf in peace, without any worries.

While both HMA and StrongVPN have relatively good speeds, you also have to recognize that using any form of VPN, even if it is the best VPN service available, will cause some degree of slowdown with your internet speeds. This is completely natural, since all the information coming to your computer is first being filtered before reaching you.

If you find yourself in need of anonymity or greater security when using the internet, then you should definitely give either Hidemyass or StrongVPN a try. These services are effective no matter what websites you access, although if there are some particular websites that you wish to access, then you should do some research before subscribing to either service.

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While both Hidemyass and StrongVPN are effective VPN services that people who are concerned about online security or who wish to use streaming media websites while outside the United States, neither offers you the kind of security, speed and effectiveness provided by the DNS Direct Connection available from UnoTelly!

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