The Difference between Skinny Water and other Fitness Drinks

By: Rachel Jackson1

Although fitness waters are available in a vast array of different brands and come in the form of bottled water or in powder form, they all have one thing in common. Fitness waters are designed to quench your thirst and prevent dehydration while supplying energy to your body via added minerals, vitamins and electrolytes, which are contained within them. Fitness drinks advertise sustained energy levels by added powerful antioxidants that are designed to protect you against fatigue.

Goodness only please

Fitness drinks are aimed at those who lead active and physical lifestyles, whether it is on the treadmill at the gym, fighting for gold at an Olympic games or just trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. However, they are not restricted to this market. They taste good, contain no caffeine and offer a healthier alternative to sugars.

However, fitness drinks can contain quite a few calories – anything up to 130 calories per 20 ounce bottle, and unless you are an athlete and your workout burns a significant amount of these calories, be careful. You may prefer to choose a fitness drink like Skinny Water, which contains no calories.

The Body

Everyone knows that what you put into your body has a direct impact on your health this is why added nutrients in our diet is so essential today. Fitness drinks are one way of giving your body nutrients through liquid intake. However, one drink goes further in the sense that it offers you a way to lose weight while working with your body to maintain fitness and health. This product is Skinny Water, and it helps suppress appetite while regulating metabolism and keeping blood sugars steady. There are three important factors needed for losing weight.

Skinny Water contains two ingredients, which have proven very beneficial to maintaining good health. These are Super CitriMax and ChromeMate. Very scientific sounding names, but the low-down is this: Super CitriMax is a natural and safe product that does not contain calcium potassium. It is a fruit extract appetite suppressant, which helps the body reduce fat production without interfering with the nervous system.

ChromeMate helps the body produce the proper amount of insulin in the body as well as maintaining healthy amounts of blood sugars and correct cholesterol levels.

Most conventional drinks, like sodas, contain high levels of sugar, which not only affects your metabolism but also affects the body’s ability to burn calories. It makes good sense to avoid sugar-laden drinks and concentrate on fitness drinks that contain no carbohydrates or calories.

At the start of a diet, we usually eat considerably less and this affects our blood sugars. This may cause dizziness and weakness and it is not good for our overall health. The body then starts to crave sugar in order to get the blood sugar level back up again. Skinny Water helps to control blood sugars and keep them at a safe level.

Another factor, which plays a role in burning calories, is your metabolism. If it is low, you will not be burn all your calories and this is a contributor to weight gain. Skinny Water helps prevent this happening. Firstly you are not taking in any additional calories and secondly it helps burn those that you already have already taken in.

A stitch in time…

You body loses water very quickly, 1-2 litres per hour during exercise. The fluids we lose through sweating contain essential electrolytes, which need replenishing. However, our body can only consume a certain amount of replacement fluid at one time. The solution to this is to drink fluids that contain electrolytes like potassium or sodium. These help one’s body absorb more fluids and support re-hydration at a cellular level.

Let’s look at the benefits of Skinny Water. It contains electrolytes and it quenches your thirst while keeping the body hydrated during exercise. It contains naturally derived sugars that help your body burn fat in a natural way while reducing sugar cravings. It also suppresses one’s appetite, which prevents overeating. Skinny Water keeps blood sugars level and boosts your metabolism.

Skinny Water boosts your immunity because it contains powerful antioxidants like vitamin A, C and E. These protect you against fatigue and soreness.

Skinny Water can leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy whether you are physically active or not and they come in a variety of flavors suited to individual tastes which are also suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Another piece of information worth noting is the following: even if you are not active in the gym or on the track, Skinny Water can still help you lose weight. Taken half an hour before a meal, the ingredients in Skinny Water help to control your hunger and curb your appetite to prevent overeating. This is extremely helpful for somebody that is looking to curb his or her appetite.

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Rachel Jackson is a freelance writer who writes about dieting and exercising, often focusing on certain brands of fitness products such as Skinny Water.

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