The Development of Baseball in America and Other Counties

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Baseball is a game which use bat to beat the ball. It is a ball game that with strong collectablity, opposability. It is widely hosted all over the world, and has a great influence, it is regarded as” the combining of competition and wisdom”. In American, it is very popular, it is called “the national ball “, and as well as in Japan.

There are evidences show that people played games involving a stick and a ball since the early days of civilization. Ancient cultures in Persia, Egypt, and Greece played stick-and-ball games for recreation and as part of certain ceremonies. Games of this type had spread all over Europe by the Middle Ages (5th century to 15th century) and became popular in a variety of forms. Europeans brought stick-and-ball games to the American when America was colonized by them as early as the 1600s. Until the late 1700s, however, they were widely considered as children's games.

As far as the early 1800s, a variety of stick-and-ball games had become popular in North America. Most of these games originated in England. A great deal of people in northeastern cities such as Boston, New York, and Philadelphia played cricket, a traditional game of English aristocrats. But there was an English game called rounder, which was eventually played in rural and urban communities throughout North America, most closely resembled modern baseball. In searching of the rules of the game, try MLB Rules for additional information, Rounder called for a batter to beat a ball and run around bases without being put out. Balls that were caught on the fly or in some cases after one bounce, which were commonly outs. Rounder also involved the practice of plugging, soaking, or stinging, in which fielders could put runners out by throwing the ball at them when they ran between bases. The rules of rounder varied widely from place to place, and people used a vary number of names to describe it, including town ball, one cat, and base ball (which was eventually shortened to baseball).

In eighteen forty-five, the first club of baseball in the world was settled up in New York, and confirms the regulation of the field to a standard game by Cartwright, the more detailed rules. The first professional baseball team was come into existence in eighteen sixty-nine in America. In eighteen seventy-one America established the nationally professional league of baseball. Baseball was introduced to Japan in eighteen seventy-three, and the first professional team was established in nineteen thirty-four. It was finally ranked a competed item into Olympic Games in nineteen ninety-two.

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