The Depression Of The Bipolar Disorder

By: John D Davis

Bipolar disorder which is also known in the names of manic depression, manic depression disorder, bipolar mood disorder, manic depressive illness or bipolar effective disorder, is a long term illness which cause some adverse psychological conditions. It is a brain disorder which can create unusual shifts in the patients’ mood, energy, or the ability to function.

Bipolar disorder is usually caused by some biochemical, environmental or genetic factors which can cause an imbalance in certain brain chemicals called neurotransmitters.

Bipolar disorder, as the name reveals, gets the person in the extremes or the two poles of elevation and depression. There can be periods of ups and downs or highs and lows, which are usually called the episodes of mania and depression.

Mania is the state of hyper excitability – an increased level in the energy and activities. The person can feel that he is excessively good or overly supreme as he will be going through a euphoric mood. But the elevated mood of the person can finally lead to irritability and depression. They also have racing thoughts but will find unable to concentrate on anything they do. They also feel a decreased want for sleep. The tendency to spend more also can be there. The sexual drive for these people can also decrease. They also acquire an exaggerated level of optimism. Behavior becomes more aggressive and can have a tendency to deny anything and everything. The mild to moderate level of mania is often called hypomania, which may feel good to the person who experiences it. They usually do not realize how impaired they are and instead think that they are all right. But if not treated properly, it can lead to severe mania and then finally to depression.

Depression is another extreme condition which is caused by the bipolar disorder. The persons who are suffering from depression will usually find themselves in a persistent state of sadness and anxiety. They will become pessimist in their outlooks and feels that they are hopeless. They usually suffer from a guilty consciousness and worthlessness. The usual pleasure which they gain from any activities will be lost and energy will be decreased. They can have a feeling of being slowed down in the activities and also a feeling of fatigue. They will find it difficult to concentrate in anything they are doing. The people suffering from depression will feel a restlessness and irritability. They some times sleep too much or sometimes cannot sleep. They can have the change in the appetite which can cause unintended weight loss or gain. The worst thing they suffer is suicidal thoughts or suicidal attempts. They may try to put themselves in a situation which can cause death or injuries for them.

Any one who thinks about committing suicide with out any particular reasons always require immediate attention and treatment.

Depression can be a stand alone problem or a part of another disorders like bipolar. The depression due to bipolar disorder is usually difficult to distinguish from the major depression for which no mania will be there.

Usually bipolar disorders can be reduced by medications, psycho therapies and counseling.

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