The Curtain Cart Ė When Color, Texture and Design Matter

By: Charles Kassotis

Curtains play a very important role in how you feel about a room. If you think curtains donít matter, try this little experiment. Go to any room in your house and remove the curtains leaving a bare window. Or use a dark, heavy blanket and simply drape it over the curtain rod. Can you immediately see the difference? Not only does it look different at the window, it also impacts how the rest of the room looks and probably makes you feel differently about the room.

So how do you decide what curtains to buy? Start by analyzing the room, what you intend to do there, your needs and existing (or planned) color schemes. With a little time and pre-planning, youíll have the curtains that work in your room.

Most curtains play a dual role. They not only decorate a room, but also provide a sense of security. Simply put, they keep people from seeing inside your home. For some rooms of your home, thatís probably not vitally important, but you have two options for those rooms in which visibility is an issue. You can choose heavy materials, finer weaves and darker colors, or you can use a double layer of curtain over blinds. Think blinds are just too ugly? Today, you have an incredible choice, including almost any color you can imagine.

Having the ability to open curtains without a fuss is important in most cases. Most people who have a great kitchen window find this especially true in this room. Choose curtains that are functional as well as pretty. Drapes with a pull are an option, but itís perfectly okay to choose curtains that simply slide on the rod, as long as the rod isnít out of your reach.

When youíre deciding whether to choose a dark or light color, remember that the decision will impact the entire room. Darker colors will tend to make the room darker and will cut out more light from the windows. If someone works an off shift and tends to sleep during the day, darker curtains are probably a good idea. But if youíre looking to lighten up a room, choose lighter colors for your curtains. The pale colors will tend to let sunlight filter through, even if the curtains are so heavy that you canít see through them.

Finally, remember that color is a vital part of this selection. Curtains are an excellent way to emphasis colors that were used throughout the room. Your walls may be burgundy and your carpet burgundy with pale gray highlights. If you choose curtains in pale gray, youíll be lightening up the darker walls and the gray of the carpet will probably become more noticeable.

Keep in mind that color tends to impact mood. While some people seem to be less affected than others, some general rules of thumb about colors are:

* Green is very tranquil
* Reds (including orange) are energetic
* Yellow is considered a happy color.
* Greens are typically calm and peaceful.
* Black is usually very somber and people tend to avoid black spaces for long periods.
* White is considered perfect, though austere.

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