The Critical Role That Search Words Play with SEO and Marketing

By: Don Winesse

Search words can be very important to search engine optimization. As an SEO specialist, you have to know how search words are used for a website, how they need to be incorporated to do effective on page SEO, and how they need to be used for backlinks and link building services, for off page SEO. Search words are such a huge part of search engine optimization but they are far too often neglected. Many webmasters focus on building links and getting their website set up, without focusing on search words like they need to. Keyword optimization is one of the primary aspects of running a website and if done incorrectly, it could tender the potential success of your business. Below, you'll find the critical role that search words play with SEO today.

Search words have to be incorporated into the content

If you want your content to get noticed and actually rank in search engines, then search words have to be incorporated into this content. This includes your homepage, your blog articles, and any other pages related to your business. Search words also have to be researched before you know which ones to use. SEO research can be done to find specific words that are low in search volume. This would yield the best results for you, since these are keywords that are worth targeting and going to provide strong results in the search engines. On your website, you need to use the specific words in the titles, descriptions, on page content, and other areas. It's also important to have a good internal linking structure, as well as a URL structure that's based off the keywords you are targeting on each page. There are many different components of on page SEO and every single bit of it revolves around searchwords that you are using.

Search words need to be used throughout your link building campaign

Although you do not want every link that you build to have the same anchor text, you need to rotate the search words that you are targeting in your links. The anchor text that you use is important to Google and it can affect your rankings significantly. When you are building links on other pages, be sure to use some of your targeted search words as the anchor text. This can have a big effect on how good of results you get from your link building campaigns. Remember that link building is a very extensive task and it can take quite some time before these links start yield results.

Search words are what search engine optimization revolves around

Search engines are only able to read and understand words. Therefore, when you search something on Google, they have to use the words that are found on the pages they list to determine what types of sites to show you. Their algorithm is quite complex and they continue to refine in order to have the best results at the top of the search engines. They do everything they can to deliver accurate and relevant results for their searchers.

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