The Creatine Advantage - Is There Such A Thing?

By: Brian Mathers

If you're into bodybuilding or just fitness in general, chances are you've heard about the creatine advantage. You may have your doubts or even think that it is all just hype to sell the product. It wouldn't be the first time a huge company has built up a product that doesn't work just to sell it and make a huge profit. I am here to give you the facts and let you make up your own mind.
There has been numerous scientific studies on the subject of creatine over the years, trying to find out whether it actually does what the companies pushing it say it does. The first study showing positive creatine effects on bodybuilding was published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry way back in 1926! Several other studies since then have documented positive findings in the way creatine stores energy in your muscles, allowing you to work out longer and harder, then also allowing you to recover faster than you would be able to without some type of supplement.
Just over the last few years there have been over 20 double blind studies that have all confirmed the creatine advantage of increased performance during a fitness workout and during an extended bodybuilding program. Double-blind studies are very highly regarded as far as scientific research goes because during the study the researchers and the people taking part in the study don't know whether they are receiving the creatine monohydrate (the form of creatine used by your body), or a placebo (a substance known to have no effect).
There has also been extensive studies with the results showing that consuming creatine accelerates fat loss, at the same time, building lean muscle. Another fact you may be interested in is the higher levels of creatine in your muscles causes what they call super-hydrating of the muscle cells and this allows the muscles to contain more water, making the muscles larger in size. All of the facts I have presented to you on the creatine advantage are scientifically proven and are real. If you are interested in bodybuilding or general health and fitness then you need to make the decision of whether you want to give yourself a huge advantage or not. Remember, creatine is not a performance enhancing drug. It occurs naturally in the body.

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