The Concept of Knowledge Bucket and Content Association in eZdia

By: vikas Shukla

Many people have been asking about the concept of the Knowledge bucket and the content association in
eZdia. The concept is not clear to many people.We need to make people walk through the concept but it is a time consuming exercise to tell the whole story to anyone from the beginning. So I thought up to put up my thoughts in a article.

eZdia the different from other freelancing websites odesk, dice, guru or elance. In all of the freelancing wesites, except ezdia a project is first posted by someone who needs some work get done. The bidders bid on these projects. The person who posts the project either chooses lowest bidder or uses a combination of rating, bid amount and the credentials to select the right bidder. One issue with these freelancing websites is that there is no way for the person who has posted the project to know the complete background of the person who is bidding. The expertise of the person bidding is not visible.

eZdia has a way to solve this problem. It starts with what LinkedIn has today. An expert creates a profile. This process is similar to LinkedIn. But ezdia goes beyond that. Every day, you read some good online article, that reflects your area of expertise. What you do here is, you associate that article with your profile. By associating yourself with that content of the article you are declaring your expertise in that area.

Practically to do that you click on the Knowledge Bucket on the top right corner after loging-in in eZdia. You then click on the "Add new entry to Knowledge Bucket". This takes you to a screen where you enter the url of the article that reflects your expertise. When you submit this, the content gets associated with your expertise.

So what is the use of this ? A good question that many novice eZdian keep asking me. I will give you an example - suppose you have an expertise in Action Scripts. You acquired this expertise only recently and is yet not mentioned in your profile. A quick way to make your expertise available to those searching for Action Scripts experts, is, to associate a content corresponding to Action Script.

Now, when someone searches for "Action Scripts" in ezdia, he is able to find you. It increases the chance that you get a freelancing job in the area of your expertise represented by the content you associated.
Next time you log in to ezdia make sure that you learn how to associate a content in your knowledge bucket.

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Vikas Shukla is currently working as Senior Design Engineer at BL Healthcare. He has degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IT-BHU, Varanasi, India. Mr. Shukla has over 15 years of experience in design of microprocessor-based systems. His expertise includes signal integrity, architecture and design of remote patient monitoring systems. The views expressed are his own.

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