The Common Causes of Hair Loss and A way to Stop It

By: Denise Biance

Hair loss may be a drawback for everyone - not just men but women and children as well. Losing your hair can rely on many factors like illness, surgery, hormonal problems, pregnancy and medication. There are a number of reasons for losing hair and if you have abnormal hair loss and don't know why, checking together with your doctor is a smart idea.
Illness Can Cause Hair Loss
Sometimes a few months after being ill you will notice large amounts of hair falling out. This is often because of the stress the body undergoes from being ill. It's only a short lived loss and everything will come back to traditional shortly.
Hormonal Issues and Hair Loss
The thyroid gland can get out of sync and either is underactive or overactive. When this happens your hair will fall out in giant amounts. The great new is your doctor will prescribe a medication to regulate the thyroid and restore balance. This will stop the excessive loss of hair.
Pregnancy and Hair Loss
Sometimes once giving birth, girls could notice an increase in their hair loss. This can be another hormonal cause. When the hormones regulate themselves after the birth of the baby, the body will regain its traditional cycle and the hair can go back to normal.
Medication Can Cause Hair Loss
There are certain medications that can cause a lot of hair loss than normal. These are normally blood thinners, chemotherapy treatments, some antidepressants furthermore birth control pills. When the medication is discontinued the hair will come back to normal.
Infections of the Scalp
An infection of the scalp will certainly cause the loss of hair. There are particular infections like fungal infections that cause hair loss in children. Employing a smart anti-fungal medication will stop this and permit hair to regrow.
Sure Diseases Can Cause Hair Loss
There are two issues from which folks suffer which will additionally cause hair loss. This might be sure diseases such as lupus or diabetes. Since hair loss is one amongst the body's ways in which of signaling that one thing is wrong, it should not be ignored. Checking together with your doctor may facilitate in catching something at an early stage and treatment can be started as early as possible.
Hair Loss Will Be Caused by the Care of Your Hair
Another excuse for hair loss will be the use of permanent solutions, hot oil treatments and carrying your hair too tight in pigtails or curlers. This could cause permanent hair loss if the hair is pulled to the point that scars develop on the scalp. This pulling on the hair is termed alopecia. If the scarring is dangerous enough it will cause the hair to not grow back and the hair you lose will be gone forever.
Male-Pattern Baldness
Finally male-pattern baldness could be a hereditary sort of baldness that sometimes involves the top of the head. It's also potential for ladies to develop female pattern baldness. Essentially there's nothing you'll be able to do regarding this alternative than settle for it as a result of it is an inherited factor.

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