The Classification of Underwear

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Divided by population
for different stages of the human body.
A. adolescent women
Effectiveness of underwear as: the protection and support care of the (comfort, sweat, and auxiliary shaping early breast shape) AA series, the vest around.
B. the effectiveness of women's underwear youth is: to protect and beautify (decoration, to increase beauty.) Lace series, light pack series.
C. the effectiveness of middle-aged women's underwear as: the protection and cultivation of. Full cup, medium and heavy pack series.
D. aged women

Divided by the effectiveness
Effectiveness of underwear as: the protection and care of. No steel ring series and light pack series.
Underwear by functional classification is:
a. orthopedic underwear: pack products, also known as basic underwear.
B. health underwear: underwear, also known as decorative and practical underwear
c.: feminine lace, lace, lingerie to enhance the unique appeal.

Divided by the cup
Bra cup according to classification:
A, 1 / 2 cup bra: bra was the whole hemisphere, is characterized by V and the first cup of scraps for the parallel lines in the design of more than 95% more than the removable belt, due to stability poor, enhance the effect is not strong, suitable for small people wearing the chest, in halter, harness, etc. with the best results.
B, 3 / 4 cup bra: it is the best bra centered design style, does not entirely cover the chest, 1 / 4 exposed outside, showing cleavage, sexy. Was characterized by open V-bone line, inverted, or cotton, diagonal interpolation, the point of load on the shoulder strap. Can be any size and fit with the suits, suits and so on.
C, full cup bra: the whole is spherical, can be all inclusive in the cup breasts, full and on meat quality for soft, fall outside the broad chest of women wear, with strong support and enhance the effect. General full-cup bra design has C, D, E and other large cup cover models. Match with sports, casual wear and so on.

Cup shape style design by Category:
A, seamless bra: Seamless tight design, suitable with tights.
B magic bra: add water bag inside the cup, pad, etc. to effectively increase blood circulation to promote breast growth.
C anterior cingulated Bra: placement and heart-shaped circle hook position, easy to wear, also has a focus on results.
D long beam bra: A bra is a standard, you can adjust the performance curve of abdominal fat to the waist dress with a bra leisure E: use more cotton, with everyday clothing and household leisure. F-type special functions: in general nursing bra in front of the open mouth of a small, post-feeding baby.

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