The Causes And Cures of Your Sinus Infection

By: Rakhi Kaptiyal

If you are suffering from constant congestion, headaches and watery eyes, then chances are that you could be suffering from a sinus infection. This is caused by the inflammation of the inner lining of the paranasal sinuses, mostly caused by allergens, infections or immunity problems. The sinuses are moist air filled spaces, which make the bones of our face lighter and much less dense.

Many times, when you suffer from nasal congestion caused by an allergy or a cold, the sinuses are not able to drain properly. This can lead to the growth of bacteria inside the sinuses, which can lead to a severe bacterial infection. These are more debilitating than viral infections and cause severe discomfort to the affected individual.

The common symptoms faced by affected individuals are:

A constant throbbing pain in the face

Intensified pain on bending or while lying down

Thick yellowish green nasal discharge

Toothache and headache in a localized area

Infection spread to eyes, ears and throat

High fever

Build up of pressure inside the skull

Many of the symptoms are common between sinus infections and migraines, which often leads to confusion between them. Toothaches and nasal discharge are caused only by sinus infections and can be used to identify the condition.

Sinus can often be caused due to one of these reasons:

Slow movement of cilia due to any reason

Build up of mucus due to an allergy or viral infection

A biological anomaly, such as nasal polyps or a deviated septum

Any type of respiratory infection can also end up causing a sinus infection

Chronic sinusitis is often caused by a bacteria or a fungus, causing inflammation and swelling of the nasal passage

A sinus infection can be avoided by taking the following simple steps:

Properly treat colds and allergies

Install an air humidifier

Avoid pollution

Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

Drink plenty of water

Maintain good hygiene habits

Avoid diving

Reduce dairy consumption

Take hot showers

Steam inhalation

Avoid fluctuation in temperature

Get flu vaccines

Regularly wash hands

Eat fruits and vegetables

Use natural remedies

If you are regularly having sinus problems, then it is time you contact a good ENT specialist, as he will be able to take stock of your situation and provide options that will best suit you. You can also use a number of sinus home remedies that are easily available and known to be highly effective. So, stop being a slave to the symptoms of sinusitis and start living a free and healthy life.

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