The Call Center Philippines Industry

By: Nathan Hilson

There has been a different kind of development in business globally in the past few years. It first began in India. The growth of information technology has made it possible for information technology and other backroom tasks to be accomplished in countries miles away from a client company. Long before the explosion of the , the country of India was the first port of call for outsourcing companies due to the large population of English speaking individuals.
As time went on, lots of companies diverted their attention to inbound and
when the competition in India became very high and also due to the fact that the Philippines was a viable alternative since the Filipinos were very familiar with the United states English culture and have a neutral accent when compared to the contact center agents in India.
What factors contributed to the explosion of outbound and

A lot of factors have contributed to the reason why the Philippines have become a very popular country for BPO and KPO companies. The available workforce is the most important factor that has contributed to this. Although the Philippines, unlike the Indians have a smaller land mass, it has a very large population and a large population density as well. Setting up a BPO or KPO outfit in one of the industrial hubs in the country, would guarantee that you are constantly in touch with plenty of skilled professionals.
The professionals here in the Philippines are well knowledgeable in spoken and written English because it is second language here in the country. Another thing going for them is that the Filipinos are well attuned to the American popular culture as well as the American legal system. A greater number of the professional workforce has acquired a college education. The educational system in the Philippines is of high quality and at the same time affordable and a greater portion of the population have access to the educational system. The wages paid Filipinos are significantly lower than what obtains in the first world countries.
Another factor that has contributed to the desirable quality of the Philippines as KPO and BPO site is the fact that many of the infrastructure required for establishing such outfits are very much in place. There are a lot of available office spaces and new ones are being built constantly every year. Again, the telecommunications technology such as fast internet connection and VOIP are also readily available. All of these are available at a lower price when compared the amount that would have been spent if the outsourcing company is located in the U.S.
Outsourcing businesses contribute to the income of the economy of the nation. There is no individual who is desperately look for a job that will refuse the prospects of working with a high competitive in the country so as to pay the bills.
Now some of the KPO's and BPO's in first world countries exist today due to the facts that there are cheaper workforce in the third world countries that offer reliable and professional

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