The Brazil and the Football

By: yang

Brazil is widely recognized as the football kingdom. However, football in Brazil, in fact, originated in Britain. 1863, the British set up the Football Association. Later, Brazil has a young man to study in the UK, return home with a back two and a code of football. Soon, football will be spread in Brazil.

Later, Brazilian soccer has become the mainstream of cultural life. Of Brazilians, football is sport, but it is culture. Every league or major domestic and international competition, the Brazilians are often family relocated to the match, the entire city turned out, the stadium packed. Almost everyone is a fan of Brazil, the Brazilian said with a smile, "No football, people do not understand football is not on when the President of Brazil, but also get the high support rate." Brazilians believe that Brazil's soccer ranked natural forest of the world's cultural heritage. Brazilian football is called "mass movement", whether on the beach, or in the city's streets, there are people who play. Even in the slums, children from poor families to sock stuffed with paper when barefoot ball.

Football League glory and rely mainly on the normal operation of the law. Brazilian football in 1933 and achieved professional. Currently Brazil in football management settles the direct leadership of institutions - the Brazilian National Football Association (CBF). In addition, states and cities are equipped with the local Football Association.

Others say a Christian may be too many people in Brazil, so God is blessing in Brazil, let it get physical with the world's best football environment, so that the long-term hegemony in world football. Europeans are very strong and physical, but the comparison and the Brazilians, there is little disadvantage, that is physical in flexibility. This is also the style of South American football and European football with different underlying reasons why. Whether it is representative of the Brazilian Pele and Zico or the large and small Ronaldo, on the court shows a dazzling performance but practical action, when the muscles are powerful explosive in their own flexibility and good underlying ligaments. Brazil again and again the perfect offensive and defensive tactics of advanced players through to achieve good physical quality. Good physical Brazilians on the pitch to reap the advantage.

Africans also have an enviable physique, but their football environment can’t be compared with Brazil. "Environment can change people," and this philosophical words repeated by humans do not know how many times, and Brazilian football on the use of a good interpretation of this sentence. The author is not visited Brazil, but in the history textbook has seen the book, the driver who will make way for street ball. Actually see on TV, all over the square to watch the parents who watch their children playing. Brazil also improves the system of athletes training management system, as well as to produce a number of Brazilian league players.

But the most important is attitude, Ronaldinho has said that football has dissolved into the blood of the Brazilians. Brazil's football environment as well as European countries, African countries can’t catch up with them, perhaps this is football and other countries, another Brazilian football right gap.

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