The Boyfriend Repellant

By: James Monahan

Are you single, successful, and do other people other than your grandma call you “pretty”? Despite all these attributes, do you find yourself at wits end, trying to understand if for some reason you unwittingly fell into a vat of boyfriend repellent?

Assuming you aren’t smelly, desperately irritating, or otherwise objectionable, your problem is that you’ve probably unconsciously set yourself up as a boyfriend repellent. Don’t despair.

The good news is that the boyfriend repellent is not a permanent state and you can easily turn yourself into the boyfriend magnet in simple steps.

The 4 Ps

As in marketing, there are 4 Ps to landing your man—product, place, price, promotion. If you’re finding this approach a little too harsh, perhaps you’re better off doing whatever you’ve been doing for too long a time to even remember.

If you hold on long enough to your old ways, yes perhaps you will stop being a repellant and prince charming will come galloping down your street, part the crowd to your door, profess his undying love and as the sun sets, you walk hand in hand and in your heart you know you’ll live together happily ever after. Sure, why not?

If you’re smart enough to realize that your tactic might not be working precisely because there’s something wrong with your formula, then go through the 4 Ps and say goodbye to the boyfriend repellant once and for all.

The fairest of them all

Now come on, be honest. What’s lurking behind that fabulous reflection in the mirror? Are you really the perfect product you think you are? What is it in you that’s more than meets the eye and acts like a repellent to your love life?

You say you’re perfect but if you look closer, there may be cracks in your perfect sculpture. Whatever it is, nobody’s perfect and owning up to your shortcomings and being aware of them to start with is a way to start shedding off the repellent attributes that keep you from being happy.

Top shelf

If you still haven’t changed your mind about needing a boyfriend to be happy even after all that self improvement then move on to the next P-place. Remember not to look for cherry blossoms in India.

The point is, you cannot expect to find Mr. Right in the wrong places. For instance, a bar is a place for hooking up with singles but it’s not the best place to hook up with other singles interested in the committed relationship you so crave. You’re better off being a repellant in the wrong places. Consider yourself lucky.

Two Ps in a pod

You must pay the price for the prize. If you really want to stop being a repellant and start being a magnet then you’re going to have a little more adaptable to things and situations.

Remember that you get what you give and what little you give is the same little thing that you get. Having gone through the first two Ps and readjusting your world view to make room for an improved one is a good start.


Now that you’ve done sincere soul searching, know that you are no longer a repellent. No need to hide behind your shell for fear of being the boyfriend repellent. Revel in the rapture knowing you’re now a magnet and no longer a repellant.

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