The Botox Facelift, And How To Get The Same Results Sans Injections

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These days, Botox procedures are more common than other plastic surgery options, due to the fact that the injections are less invasive and require less recovery time than most cosmetic surgery procedures. In fact, you can even use Botox to fake a facelift, by injecting the botulin into specific areas of the face. Want a brow lift? A chin lift? No need to pull your face taut via cosmetic surgery when Botox will do the job!

How does it work? Well, the injections themselves work by relaxing the muscle they’re injected into, which softens out fine lines and wrinkles and prevents new ones by “freezing” the muscle. By reducing any wrinkles or lines, the skin maintains its smooth and firm appearance. When the toxin is injected into certain areas, such as the forehead or around the mouth, the relaxed muscles prevent certain facial expressions, essentially preventing new lines from forming.

But if you want to use Botox for a full facelift effect, the toxin is injected under the surface of the facial skin, and not deeper into the muscles. This allows it to “fill up” the skin and make it look firmer without relaxing the muscles, ensuring a more natural look.

The unfortunate result of using fillers as a plastic surgery alternative is that the results usually only last three to six months. At that point, you have to go back to the doctor and have the solution re-injected into your skin in order to maintain the youthfulness you previously experienced. The injections are also still fairly expensive, as far as procedures go.

If you don’t want to stick needles in your face or undergo cosmetic surgery, but still want the results of a lift, there are ways you can do that too, with just some natural anti aging cream and a few healthy habits. Apply your younger looking skin cream morning and night, focusing on areas where you want to prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines. Popular application sites may be around the temples, along the jawline, across the forehead or near the eyes (though make sure your natural anti aging cream is safe for use in the eye area first).

The cream hydrates the skin and makes it look fuller and healthier, and unlike injectables, the results of using a younger looking skin cream won’t fade over time. Taking care of your skin now can only produce better-looking skin in the future.

But using natural anti aging cream is only half the battle. You also need to take good care of your skin by protecting it from the sun and maintaining a good diet and exercise regimen. When you feel healthy, your skin will also look healthy.

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