The Biggest Mistakes Made When Buying Office Furniture

By: Ambrose Silva

Are you running an office that has a considerable number of employees working for you? Well, then, you need to buy safe, comfortable and functional office furniture for them. You might be inundated with choices ranging from budget oriented products to those that are luxuriously elegant, but do not get carried away and make petty mistakes as this may cause a huge problem to deal with. Make sure to have practical considerations that extend beyond aesthetics. The comfort and safety of your employees and guests must be factored into every decision. By avoiding some of the common yet biggest buying mistakes, you can ensure to yield improved employee satisfaction, productivity and profits for your business.

Mistake 1: No vision and no plan

It is often found that people are spellbound by different colours, types, styles and patterns available in office furniture. While thinking about make their work space attractive, they end up buying pieces that are completely unsuitable for their needs. Rushed purchasing decisions with no plan and vision could be regretted for years to come. So, before investing your money in office furniture, do asses your requirements accurately. You can also consider soliciting input from one of the staff members who use furniture on a daily basis. This will be helpful to make the decision. Moreover, you can always opt for the simple yet appealing designs over the trendy styles because fashion keeps on changing and it would be difficult for you to upgrade your furniture every now and then.

Mistake 2: Ignoring employee comfort

Unfortunately, ignoring an employee's comfort is one of the most common mistakes that business owners are prone to make when buying the office furniture. It is a known fact that employees spend endless hours sitting at their desks every day, and while it may not look like it, it actually wreaks havoc with their bodies. Moreover, improper set up can also cause injuries such as slouching, pinched nerves or painful wrists. Thus, comfortable, healthy and an ergonomic workspace is a must. It will improve productivity, minimize work related injuries and lost workdays.

Mistake 3: Choosing price over value

Though every business owner will desire to save their money in everything possible, ensure to give equal significance to value as well. While it may be tempting to buy low-priced furniture, but it would be a bigger loss if they are not designed to withstand regular heavy wear and tear. So, consider an item that is more suitable to your needs be it a little expensive or inexpensive.

Mistake 4: Not considering future growth

No matter you are starting up a new business or adding furniture because of expansion, it is necessary to buy pieces that will fit into your current and future environment. It also means buying just a few chairs and desks as per your budget, instead of messing the office with huge amount of furniture that are of no use. You can explore various ranges to ascertain what may be achieved in a long-term.

Running an office is not an easy job. But, if you desire to develop strong reputation in the market, make sure to keep your employees and guests satisfied and happy by buying safe and comfortable office furniture.

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