The Best Ways to Clean Cork Floors

By: Vikram Kuamr

The nature of material that is cork makes it a challenging task to clean but it can be done after all. That should not inform your decision to change from cork floors to other options. It should be cleaned more often to get rid of dirt which can end up lowering the quality of the flooring once allowed to settle. Also, moisture should not be allowed to come into contact with cork and must be dried out immediately it is detected. That will be part of the normal maintenance drill to keep your flooring durable and clean. From this article, you will learn about some of the best ways to clean your house floor made of cork.

There are those things that you will have to deal with immediately they happen while others can wait for the day you usually do general cleaning. In case of any spills on the floor, that should be handled immediately and will range from food, drinks and even water. Make sure you wipe them and dry the floor at the time they spill. They will leave ugly stains on the floor once left unattended to which you must be very careful about. Dust settles from time to time and the best way to deal with that is by vacuuming or sweeping the cork floors frequently.

Never use oils and waxes

That will also do away with debris that can leave scratches on the flooring. There are stubborn stains which require cleaners to remove and such products should be the only recommended ones. Donít pick any cleaner from a shop and use it for your cork flooring without knowing its pros and cons. Some cleaners have dangerous chemicals that react with cork which makes getting a recommendation from experts the best option. Cork is a good absorber of moisture and allowing liquids like water to sit on it will be damaging in the long-run. The more moisture your cork floors sip in the higher the chances it stands to get damaged.

You have to be keen against mopping the floor using a wet mop because it might subject it to a watery situation. Only use a damp mop and when itís necessary. Mild detergents are also recommended for cleaning the cork once in a while but never use abrasive soaps and cleaning agents. Waxes and oils are not recommended cork cleaners because they will leave the floor slippery thus causing a danger to the users. It is easy to get tripped as you walk around the house. Likewise, solvents are a bad choice for a cleaner to use with your cork flooring because they can cause discoloring.

Above all, you should consider preventive measures as far as cleaning of cork floors is concerned. To this effect, have pads or mats placed at the entrance of your house to prevent any dirt, dust or particles from gaining entry.

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Cleaning cork floors is very easy even though many people take that to be complex. You will get everything easy going once you have managed to follow the right cleaning instructions for these floors and cork tiles - .

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