The Best Way to Install Cork Floors

By: Vikram Kuamr

Do you really need an expert to install cork floors at your home or office? No, you donít have to hire one as this is something that you can do on your own to perfection. First and foremost, you need to grasp the basics and then take it up from that as it will be demonstrated in this piece. When making purchase, look out for the flooring with an interlocking design because it will pose minimal challenges during installation. The floor to install cork has to be prepared well in making sure no debris or dirt is left unattended to. That can cause a lot of problems once the flooring is in place. Cork has to be installed in a completely dry and clean surface.

Once you are able to achieve that, the subsequent steps will be easy flowing. That should always be the starting point when seeking to install cork to your house or office. For the floor to dry completely, it is advisable that you leave it open for up to 48 hours because any moisture presence will affect negatively the adhesion of cork once installed. The next thing will be leveling the floor through filling any visible cracks. Make sure you sand it for a uniform texture which will be vital in ensuring the cork and floor bond well. Smooth surfaces are not good for the bonding of the floor and cork so you have to make it rough. This is mostly the case with vinyl which is naturally smooth textured.

All that should be allowed to stay for a whole day before curing completely after which you can go to the next step of installing cork floors. Lay down the cork following all the instructions given by the manufacturer. It will allow for precision as far as quality of adhesive is concerned and amount used. Donít do things out of your own mind but as per the requirements of the manufacturer. Adhesive should be applied with a brush and allow it enough time to dry out completely. When rolling the tiles, use a tile roller and it should be gentle not to damage the cork or floor.

Peel the tile back gently once you have installed wrongly and it should be very swift before the adhesive dries out. When excess adhesive has been applied, you can use a damp piece of cloth to clean it out but mineral spirit will be required in case the adhesive has already dried. If you will require cutting down the tiles to size, a sharp knife will be used. Once through installing cork floors restrict any entry into the room for at least 24 hours to allow adhesive enough time to dry.

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Installing cork floors on your own will save you a lot of expenses that are usually incurred in hiring out experts to accomplish such a simple task. You just need to have the basics of cork flooring and everything will be easy for you even without any expertise or specialized training.

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