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By: Shola Abitogung

I had been reading the content which i wrote recently about the 5 crucial network marketing secrets. Within the article, I mentioned the requirement to take responsibility for your failure along with your success. I pointed out the necessity to understand that you cannot do it alone. Furthermore within the post, I noted the requirement to work on your knowledge and grow mentally as a mlm professional. Off course, I mentioned the need to build leads online. As I was reading this article, something was not clicking. Everything there is correct. But there seems to be that one big network marketing secret that I was missing in the article.

This took me back to my college days. I was one of the top student in my school. At that time I was living alone with my brother Ola in our pastorís basement. We were both paying ourselves through college. We were both working hard to cover expenditures and the same time attending school full time. He was studying Computer engineering and I was studying biomedical engineer. But despite this entire thing going on around us, we succeed in our studies. I graduated with a 3.8/4. GPA. Just what did I do at that time that made me an honors student despite all the temptations around me?

Then I considered each one of these internet gurus on the internet. What's the most important secret that they are hiding from the mass that are following them? I hope you are not one of the people that stick to them blindly thinking that these internet network marketers trainers are actually providing you all the Network marketing secrets in the world. That is simply not true; there are other huge Network marketing secrets that the Network marketer gurus are not disclosing to you.

Are ready? I think I have thought it out. (Drum rolls).


That is it. You have to be focused as well as you must act. I do not care simply how much you know about multilevel marketing industry. I donít care how many scripts you can say quickly while not blinking. I truly do not care about how much facts you know about Google formula. As someone trying to build their home business online and offline too, if you are not targeted, and you don't take action, you'll not get any outcome.

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Shola Abitogun is the founder of MB International. For more Network marketing secret and how to market your network marketing business online, visit our blog.

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