The Best Hunter Build For Fast Leveling in WoW is WoW Hunter Guide

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The !a href="">world of warcraft hunter is best known for his ability to shoot enemies from long range and destroy them before they even get close enough to fight back. Most people like wow hunters because of their ultimate DPS and their ability to train pets. Depending on the tree, the pet can be the main point of DPS for a good hunter. Hunters have amazing long range abilities with guns, crossbows, or regular bow and arrows. If an enemy should happen to get close to the hunter, they are provided with a long range of traps to immobilize the attacker and begin shooting once again. This WoW Hunter guide will try to give you an overall look at the hunter class to help you decide if it is right for you and also give you some tips to help you be a good hunter.

Although DPS is a highly valued benefit of a wow hunter, the ability to train a pet is probably more alluring to players especially ourselves. While leveling, a hunter can mainly sit back, let the pet tank the mob, and shoot the mob easily and quickly. The hunter is not given a pet until level 10, but from this level begins an easy upward spiral to level 80. Pets can be most of the beasts found in the World of Warcraft including elite beasts with special abilities. Cats, wolves, and boars are probably the most popular pets, but a hunter can train a variety of other pets and special creatures found in the expansion packs.

WoW Hunter Guide--Abilities

Marksmanship is the talent tree for hunters who prefer a variety of deadly ranged attacks. Marksmanship provides higher DPS from a range which is why hunters who mainly raid use this tree. It can be used for PVP, but itís mostly if the hunter gains the advantage over the opponent by ambushing.

Beast mastery is one of the most popular trees to use especially for PVP. It gives the hunter a great DPS challenger in its petís enhancement. Beast mastery pets are brutal especially if they ambush a player without them seeing the hunter. Occasionally pets may even become invincible for a few seconds that can be the death of any opposing player.

The Survival tree is not as useful during leveling, but it can be a great tree after completing the leveling grind to 80 and entering arenas or battlegrounds. For instance, wing clip can be used to slow down players. Traps can keep crowd control when dealing with more than one opponent. It is a tree that will greatly increase your chance of survival especially against more than one player that might ambush you.

WoW Hunter Guide--Professions

A world of warcraft hunter has a lot of solo power, but to give him just a little bit more buff abilities some wow hunters choose to go with alchemy as a main profession. With alchemy, the best profession is definitely herbalist since alchemy mainly uses the herbs gathered from the other profession. With alchemy and herbalist, the hunter can buff up during leveling and that makes leveling easier and faster. Health pots can save a hunter from otherwise imminent death in case of those emergency situations.

The wow hunter is a great class to pick and is the one our personally spend most of our time playing. If you learn how to use your pet and avoid damage you can be a great force to be recon with. Game2guide hope our WoW Hunter guide has helped you. Good luck.

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