The Best Approach for Liposuction

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The anatomy of a man and woman is obviously different. Women have more fat prone areas on their bodies than men do. This is supported by figures which show that in spite of the fact that more and more are going in for liposuction surgery, women are still in the lead as the most aggressive patronizers of liposuction.

Usually, before a liposuction surgery, the doctor takes pictures of the areas you want worked on. The essence of before surgery pictures of liposuction is to help you see that changes have been effected after your liposuction. Comparing before and after pictures of liposuction can help you accept the fact that your body has changed.

If you have just had a liposuction and are worried to death about the swellings, donít worry about it. You see, the swelling that comes with a liposuction surgery is a result of the incisions made on your skin in addition to the activities of both the cannula and the vacuum. Statistically, over seventy percent of swelling retained after a liposuction surgery goes down after six weeks. If you notice that your swelling has not reduced six weeks after liposuction, you should report to your doctor.

The final result of liposuction is evident between 1 and 6 months after surgery. Patients normally go through gradual process of healing until this time when the aim is achieved. Some of the processes of healing within this period are reduction in swelling, bruises and pains.

Liposuction is a process of removing fat from the body but it is not a substitute for diets and exercise. Taking diets that are nutritionally rich helps keep the body in shape and going for regular exercises enable the body to stay fit. Liposuction is expected to be the last option after diet and exercise have failed.

Liposuction patients should be honest in their consultation with doctors. As a patient, it pays to say your motives and expectations. This will help the doctor to give you the proper advice.

Being unhappy with the way you look may not be a very good reason for you to undertake a liposuction surgery. Sometimes, your expectations of a liposuction surgery may far exceed what is feasible and may only plunge you deeper into despair. You need to understand that liposuction is like the groundwork laid for the proper building of a house and is not the actual house itself.

Liposuction is not a replacement for good old fashioned exercise. Exercise is one proved way to loose body fat. What liposuction really addresses is the fat that does not respond to exercise.

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