The Benefits of Weightlifting

By: Tom Dahne

As a sport, weight lifting has been popular for a number of years. This sport was featured during the first ever Olympic games in 1896. It is considered to be the only sport during this event which is carried out with the help of heavy weights. Both women and men can participate in this event during the Olympics. Such weights that vary according to weight and color are placed on barbells made of steel. Weightlifting as a sport is classified into snatch and clean and jerk. Based on their bodyweight, participants go through 8 series or rounds.

Over the years, weight lifting has branched out and is now a popular technique for those who wish to increase their muscle mass. In this case, weight lifting is often referred to as weight training.

Most women shy away from weight lifting as they are afraid that they will end up looking bulky and masculine. However, this is not true as men and women respond to weight lifting differently. Men look bulkier after a long period of weight lifting because of the male hormone testosterone which encourages the same. Since women have a very small percentage of testosterone in their bodies, they will not look bulky or masculine.

Weight training or resistance exercises target the mucsulosketal system. It allows the individual to have increased stamina and also keeps back pain at bay. Disabilities like osteoporosis and sacropenia are also avoided.

Weight training programs also allows the individual to have greater strength. The body is also firmer as excess fat is reduced. Naturally, due to increased strength, the individual will also have more energy. Due to these factors, the individual will be on the receiving end of a number of benefits in the long run. These exercises focus on increasing muscle mass and therefore, help to create a stronger bone structure. In addition to these advantages, a weight lifting program also leads to stronger tendons and other tissues.

Your body posture and the manner in which you carry yourself is manipulated by a number of muscles. These include muscles in the back, shoulder, hop, abdomen and neck. If these muscles are strong, your posture will also improve and consequently, you will be more comfortable.

As you work towards your ultimate goal and notice that your body is changing for the better, there will also be a change mentally. It has been noticed that those who indulge in weight training sleep better and faster. The manner in which you deal with stress will also change and therefore, stress reduction will also be easier.

An added benefit of weight training or weight lifting is that it increases the rate of metabolism in the body. This means that calories will be burnt at a faster rate and therefore, you will shed extra fat faster.
In case the idea of weight lifting does not appeal to you, start with easier techniques like lifting heavy shopping bags or bottles filled with water. As you notice changes, you will want to switch over to heavier weights.

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