The Benefits of Wearing a Bra

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Girl wearing a bra just for the beauty, it is important to make us healthier. Breast and does not contain a large bunch of muscles, the role of their own care without support, so pay attention to protection. Day to wear a bra is one way. Women plump breast uplift, physical fitness performance, wearing a bra can not only reflect the feminine curves, better protection of the breast. Female activity, the breast vulnerable to trauma, while the breast too many activities, so that the burden of the breast are uneven, hampered the normal blood circulation within the breast, the internal part of the breast may cause blood stasis, and induce breast disease.
Ordinary girl grows to 16 to 18 years, the development of thoracic and are approaching maturity, or with a soft foot from the bottom through the nipple on the bottom next to the survey, down from more than 16 cm when the bra should be worn. General fourteen-year-old girl can wear a bra. Wearing a bra have the following benefits:
1. Support and help make breast care, breast blood circulation to smooth, not only conducive to the development of breasts, but also to prevent the occurrence of breast disease; also protect the breast that it does not sag, because the breasts are not big bunch of muscle tissue, once drooping, canít be reinstated, even after the exercise, it is difficult to recover. .
2. Located in the chest, is delicate and sensitive organ fat, and other things not directly contact. In daily life and work are vulnerable to impact, compression, etc., and wearing a bra may play a protective role. Reduce labor and walking in breast shock, protecting the nipple to prevent scratches and touch the pain. Especially in strenuous exercise, but also to wear a good bra to protect your breasts will not be bumped into.
3. Beautification role: bra can make up for deficiencies on the body. You can adjust the height and location of the summit. When is too small, flat, asymmetric or removed, the special bra can be taken as real; as the breast drooping, hypertrophy, the bra can also hide these deficiencies, the increase in beauty.

Not the same as wearing a bra and bra, bra serious impact on women's health and breast-feeding after birth, and reasonably well able to wear a bra to protect the breast. As a woman, we must learn to take care of ourselves, love our breasts. Then wear a bra, and select a best bra for your beauty and health..

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