The Benefits of Taking Gynostemma Regularly

By: Rocky Smith

If you are the kind of person who is not fond of Western medicines, which involve a lot of chemicals that might be harmful for the body, then you may want to consider exploring the field of alternative medicine. This term is often involved with Chinese herbs and other natural ingredients that promise to give you good health without being too intrusive or penetrative to your body’s constitution. One of the most popular herbs that is said to treat all common ailments, such as cough and colds, is the Gynostemma. It is a plant that grows only in certain regions in Asia. It is commonly found in the south of China, though you will be pleased to learn that you can buy this from your local apothecaries. It is known by many names, such as Adaptogen and Miracle Leaf. You can administer this by mouth as tea.

The success and popularity of the Gynostemma plant rely on its history. You see, this herb has been used for hundreds of centuries by the Chinese. At the time, medical technology is very limited. As a result, the people had to take advantage of what they had, and what they had back then was an abundance of flora and fauna. With several years’ worth of research, it is found that Asia has a vast vegetation species that were found to have healing properties, and Gynostemma was no exception. If you look at the packaging of the product, you will find a long list of ailments that are said to be easily treatable by this herb. It is important to note that this claim is simply a reference to the success stories of patients who had undergone alternative medicine therapy using Gynostemma. While these products have not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, it is no secret that this form of treatment works.

Among the list of maladies that are easily treated by the regular consumption of Gynostemma, there are six positive effects that it contributes to the body, namely:

1. The regular ingestion of Gynostemma helps the heart to function properly. Indeed, this herb focuses more on the heart’s health than anything else. It helps prevent stroke and heart attacks by decreasing high blood pressure and high cholesterol. To do this, HDL levels are increased, while LDL levels are decreased. It also keeps the arteries strong and free from toxin build-up, which could ultimately result to death.

2. Gynostemma improves the body’s innate capability to adapt to environmental changes. It maintains the body’s equilibrium at all times, helping it to cope with stress and fatigue during pressing situations. In terms of application, this is a common treatment for headaches and nausea that might have resulted from jetlag and culture shock. It is an ideal medicine to relieve stress from work.
3. Frequent ingestion of Gynostemma helps develop a healthy brain. It stimulates the central nervous system to produce a high level of dopamine, increasing happiness and lowering the risk of depression. It also shows its calming properties for the benefit of those people who are emotionally unstable, particularly those who show overexcite-ability.

4. Women will love the idea that the Gynostemma plant is loaded with anti-oxidants that give it an anti-aging prowess. It strengthens the cells and its membranes, and it makes sure that these live longer. As a result, free radicals are not produced as quickly, and the signs of aging are prevented from appearing so soon. As a bonus benefit, the herb also gives a detoxifying property, which enables the body to get rid of harmful chemicals naturally.

5. Gynostemma improves the body’s constitution by giving it the energy that it needs every day. Not only is a sufficient amount of energy is produced, but that level is also sustained throughout the day. The herb also possesses saponins, which help enhance stamina and endurance. As a result, it will be easier for you to gain muscle and develop a leaner, fitter frame.

6. Finally, consuming Gynostemma ensures a healthy libido. Sexual energy is improved by regulating blood circulation throughout the body, particularly to the extremities. It also increased the release and delivery of nitric oxide, which helps create excitement.

As mentioned before, Gynostemma is a plant that is usually used for alternative medicine therapies. Thus, you are advised to consult with a medical professional before deciding on regularly consuming this herb. While it is 100% natural and safe to ingest, you still need approval from your doctor to prevent any side effects from happening. The plant can be administered to the body in two ways: by mouth and by injection. The most popular means by which the Gynostemma is taken is by making tea with it. When used correctly, the herb can cater to common health problems, such as stress, depression, a weak immunity, and a lack of libidinal energy.

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Rocky M. Smith is a celebrated herbalist and a researcher of the benefits of tea. He is currently doing a research on Gynostemma.

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