The Benefits of Smoking Out-of-doors?

By: Jon Tipping

It is hard to imagine a benefit to smoking out-of-doors when smoking tobacco in general is an harmful activity. Still, studies indicate that smoking outdoors is good for not only innocent bystanders, but smokers as well.

For example, when tobacco smokers opt to light up outdoors, they are exposed to not as much Respirable Suspended Particle (RSP) levels. With less contact comes less risk of developing serious health troubles. When smokers assemble inside, such as in the case of a tavern scenario, they not only expose themselves to their personal smoke inhalation, but the second hand smoke of others. Smoking and second hand smoke have been connected to deadly diseases and health ailments including cancer and heart disorder.

Smokers who are forced outside are also less prone to smoke. This is particularly true during cold seasons when smokers choose to stay inside rather than suffer the weather outdoors. Employers also find that smokers who are required to leave the building take less smoke breaks. This discovery suggests an increase in production facilitated by a reduction of breaks.

Smoking outside as well lowers the risk of fire. In fact, New Zealand’s Old Government Building was the initial organization to outright prohibit smoking for this reason. The building, which is the second principal wooden building in the world, founded this policy in 1876.

Another upside to smoking out-of-doors is the removal of ashes from in-doors, which is a great mess and requires constant clean-up up. Despite the fact that the ashes and butts are removed from indoors, the problem of outside cigarette butt debris now arises. Smokers are inclined to meet in the same areas out-of-doors to smoke, causing lots of nasty cigarette butt refuse about entry ways and ruining the image of companies and organizations across the nation. The way to tidy up outside cigarette debris is to contain it in an out-of-doors ashtray which can hold hunderds if not thousands of cigarette butts.

Overall, the healthiest benefit to smoking is not doing it all. On the other hand, for many, this is not a preferred choice. Smokers, though, can improve the wellness of others and themselves by smoking out-of-doors, engaging in less breaks, and by being polite to non-smokers.

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