The Benefits of Outsourcing Shipping and Warehousing

By: Kareem Calderon

The internet has opened a world of possibilities for small business. There are an increasing number of entrepreneurs operating businesses out of their homes, eliminating the need for costly shopfronts and office space. Often these businesses are successful to the point where they outgrow the space you have available at home, driving many people to look for costly warehouse space for the distribution of their products. Obviously, this increases the cost of doing business but luckily, there is another way!

It is possible to get all the benefits of a professional warehouse and shipping department, without renting your own facility. Below is a quick guide to outsourcing shipping and warehousing for your business.

Cut Costs

The single greatest benefit of outsourcing your shipping and warehousing needs, is the cost saving. To rent your very own warehouse facility as well as develop the required inventory and shipping processes can get expensive very quickly.

Outsourcing also removes all the stress involved with moving from your home, or a small office, into a larger building. The actual management of facilities, like negotiating leases, security and maintenance can take up a surprising amount of time, which is much better dedicated to growing your customer base. Outsourcing your shipping and warehousing means you simply pay a fee for someone else to deal with all these things. Charges for this kind of service are generally quite reasonable, once you factor in all the ancillary costs and work required to run your own facility.

Expedited Shipping

Companies who offer shipping and warehousing services generally offer expedited shipping. From the time they receive an order to be filled, it can often take just a matter of hours for the product to be on its way out the door. Due to the scale of their operations, this is easy for them to achieve. They are able to generate quite large quantities of scale, due to the number of customers they ship items for. This is a level of efficiency that you cannot hope to replicate on your own.

Superior Processes

The most important thing to remember about companies who specialise in shipping and warehousing services, is that they are experienced professionals. As you would see if you ever inspected such a facility, the level of precision and organisation is staggering. Dedicated warehouse facilities have very accurate systems for recording stock levels and storing items. When run correctly, it is almost impossible for something to be lost in warehouses run in this way. The workers who must select items for shipping know exactly where everything is, as well as how many remain in stock, at all times through the warehouses catalogue system. Such systems can even generate warnings for you when stock is running low this is invaluable.

Inspect A Facility

If you still have any doubts about the quality service you can get from a professional warehouse facility, you should contact your local provider and arrange to have a look around. They will be happy to explain their processes to you and show how they can be a valuable resource for your business.

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