The Benefits of Office Partitioning in Surrey

By: Trevor Cleves

Office partitioning in Surrey had traditionally been viewed as purely a practical element of a work space as opposed to a concept that can breathe new life into the office. Typically, the impression companies had of it was one of a solid, bland surface with dull shades. However, this is not the case when taking into account the wide range available today with regards to dimension as well as aesthetic potential.

Companies now often use office partitioning in Surrey for branding purposes. They display the company logo as well as imagery related to the products that they offer or at least a colour combination that is relevant to the company in some way.

The effect on the staff also has a part to play, especially when choosing between glass and solid partitions. Colour is also important, of course, and particular ones that convey creativity, productivity and positivity.

Among the main benefits of office partitioning in Surrey is that is segregates departments and makes them more distinguishable from one another. It combats the cluttered look of an open plan office which can be an eye sore, not only for staff but also clients and other visitors. However, this doesn't mean that the feeling of openness has to be removed as glass panelling can maintain that sense yet also offer an element of segregation.

An often-used compromise is to use single or double panel dividing screens. This allows a flow of traffic to enter on either side as well as succeeding in demarcating where a new area starts on the office floor. These are often applied to form a segregation between the main area and a break area or a small café. They can further be used to divide sales from marketing and design from accounting, and so on.

Office partitioning in Surrey can change an office's appearance completely. For staff, this can aid in adding freshness to the work place. However, it isn't merely the aesthetic change that is the main advantage. It is the impact that the new style can have on a member of staff’s working day.

It has been revealed through study that office workers who like their office's design, whether that be homely, urban or contemporary, are not only happier but also more productive.

Through the use of office partitioning, office space can suddenly take on the appearance of one that is more sophisticated and contemporary with seamless glass. Using solid, coloured partitioning can complement the interior décor.

Being able to add coloured and textured film to glass creates distinctive uses of colour combinations which means that the glass can display unique designs.

Another problem with an open plan office is that it offers insufficient private space, whether for staff individually, or during reviews, presentations and meetings. Although the traditional plan may have squared-off rooms, there is often not enough which causes a backlog.

With office partitioning in Surrey, however, there can be a higher number of secluded private areas integrated into the design. There can even be an S-shaped design which can see two segregated spaces for informal meetings without any distraction from the surrounding office areas.

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