The Benefits of Fiber: The Best Health Gift

By: James Pendergraft

Simply defined, fiber is undigested carbohydrates. It is considered as a special type of carbohydrates that are not absorbed into the bloodstream. As such, it has many health benefits. The benefits of fiber can positively affect the body’s vital organs like the heart, stomach, liver, and the kidneys.

Adding this nutrient into your daily diet would provide your body with many health benefits such as:

1. Prevention of diseases

Regular intake of dietary fiber can decrease your risk of developing heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, diverticular diseases, gallstones, and kidney stones. Fiber can make your heart stronger while making you less prone to these life-threatening diseases. Take your daily intake of fiber to reduce cholesterol levels, make your immune system stronger, regulate blood sugar, and induce proper digestion.

2. Trigger weight loss

Fiber-rich foods are known to be weight loss inducers. Fiber absorbs water that provides a feeling of fullness in the stomach. At times, fiber can also slow down the pangs of hunger felt throughout the day. Add more fruits and vegetables into your daily meals. This way, your cravings for food would lessen and you’ll feel more satisfied with every bite. Fiber can greatly help reduce one’s calorie intake.

3. Improved absorption of nutrients and minerals

With the help of fiber, important nutrients such as iron, magnesium, and calcium are easily absorbed by the body. These minerals are extracted from the food that you eat and are distributed to the body systems that need it most. Fiber also improves blood circulation, which makes distribution and utilization of minerals a lot easier.

4. Stabilize blood glucose

The main reason why fiber can help prevent diabetes is the fact that it can maintain an acceptable level of blood sugar after every meal. Fiber-rich foods are referred to as low glycemic index foods that can help keep the glucose content of the blood within manageable levels.

5. Facilitate good digestion

Good digestion is achieved by taking regular amounts of fiber daily. Studies show that fiber maintains the good flora of the intestines, which allows for better assimilation of the food that you eat. Fiber also promotes the regular movement of body wastes and ensures that there will be no formation of harmful elements inside.

6. Increase the body’s immune system

The addition of fiber to one’s daily meal is encouraged not only by health experts worldwide but by the government agencies as well. The effects of fiber on one’s health are closely studied by public health groups and they found that fiber, when taken in good amounts, can stimulate a better response from the immune system. Therefore, the body becomes more resistant to diseases, including the most severe ones like cancer.

All of these are the benefits of fiber. The inclusion of this essential nutrient in your daily meals can pave the way to a much healthier lifestyle. Fiber rich foods such as berries and oatmeal are highly recommended as they can deliver great positive effects on your body which contributes to better health overall.

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