The Benefits Of Using And Listing A Business In A Web Directory

By: Ryan Duffield

The familiar yellow pages once heavily relied on by fixed telephone users has evolved into a high-tech, constantly updated and freely available directory. Traditional print directories are still important but in this age where so many of us are connected online, web directories are able to aid us a lot better.

Greater visibility

Having a business included in a web directory makes it more visible and increases publicity without having to spend much. True, sifting through directories can be time-consuming but not as tiresome as flipping the yellow pages. The directories themselves can be accessed either through search engines or by directly pointing a browser at them.

For small businesses that can't afford to splash expensive banner ads across search engines or through traditional channels, web directories are life savers. Any updates made to a business's web domain name or changes made to what services it's decided to include in its operations can be highlighted under ‘types of businesses', ‘services' etc. This, without having to make major modifications to the site itself.


Getting a business included in a web directory is incredibly cheap; many also offer it for free. Businesses can increase visibility even further by having their names listed in multiple directories for little to no cost. The directories themselves are made publicly available for all to see and access irrespective of location. The only time access may be prohibited is if there's a government restriction or if the site has a members-only policy.

Better business-customer relations

With the rise in popularity of social networking sites, web directories have embraced integration so that users can share and keep in touch with changes. If a directory modifies or updates its database, users are notified via sharing facilities which they can in turn share with friends. This bridges connections and ensures that directory listings don't lose out on valuable customer relations.

Detailed info

Like traditional telephone directories, web versions include detailed information such as a business's physical address, its email address, website and contact numbers. Any changes are updated so there's little chance of stumbling across a listing that dated.

Guarantee of high-quality services

Web directories have a reputation to protect and those that put stock in maintaining image try to make sure they include only those businesses that are legitimate and offer top-quality services themselves. Getting listed in such directories is considered quite a feat because there's a good chance of getting potential clients and customers to check them out.

Potential to boost SEO rankings

Web directories are similar to search engines in that they can affect a website's rankings. By being consistently listed in reputed SEO-optimized directories, businesses have a better chance of being noticed because search engines will continue to place them in top rankings on their pages.

Effective for all businesses

Web directories cater to and are effective for all businesses. Whether a company is internationally renowned or a startup, added publicity is always welcome. Plus, the exceptionally low cost means businesses can achieve greater visibility without having to plan and allocate precious funds to expensive ad campaigns.

For companies looking to be listed, the only job to do is to find out how high up in a search engine's page a directory is ranked. Running a search on several search engines as well as checking website rankings on independent sites that monitor rankings can produce a clear picture.

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Local businesses require a significant amount of reach and visibility to boost their potential and effectiveness, by getting themselves listed on web directories in today's world of the internet. For an insight into the benefits of web directories, follow this link.

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