The Belly You Dream Of - How To Tone Your Abs

By: Eric Transue

There are many reasons to tone your abs. The most obvious reason is aesthetic-- you desire to look great. But there are benefits to toning your abs that go beyond the physical.
When you tone your abs, you slim harmful belly fat that can contribute to diabetes and heart disease. You also improve your posture and reduce the risk of back injuries.
Your're ready, you desire to tone your abs. How do you start? You begin by adding cardio to your exercise plan. Since it's not possible to spot reduce fat, if you want to get rid of the fat coating your abs, you've got to burn it off. Cardio can be anything from . Get your heart and blood pumping, and you'll tone your abs in no time.
Increasing your cardio program is just the first step in toning your abs. You also need to improve your diet. "Eating clean" means sticking to a balanced diet filled with fresh, natural foods. Keep your fat gram and calorie intakes at reasonable levels. Eating too few can hurt your program just as much as eating too many. It's also important to avoid saturated fats and processed foods whenever you can.
You'll also want to do exercises that target your tummy. Forget dated sit-ups; add a mixture of crunches and leg lifts to your exercise routine instead. If you're sick of crunches, there are a number of yoga and Pilates exercises that will work just as well. Almost all fitness centers offer classes, or you can try out a home exercise guide.
It may not happen overnight, but if you stick to this three-part plan (adding cardio, eating healthy, and doing crunches), you'll tone your abs.

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