The Beautiful Illusion Known as Abstract Art

By: Bob Danner

Some people who donít know enough about artists and their quirks have dismissed abstract art as works of the untalented, formless squiggles, colors and lines that hardly convey anything and are just a waste of time to look at.

Art is a form of expression without a definite meaning. It is not art if you can define it so easily but not eloquently. Abstract art and its merits depend on who is looking at it and what state of mind they are in when doing so. It is a visual language of forms, lines and colors that come together to create images that are completely independent of visual references in the world. It is the visual interpretation of things that are intangible, of changes that are more felt than seen. You can check to view samples of abstract art masterpieces.

What makes abstract art perhaps so complicated for some people is the fact that it really doesnít represent anything. What people see as akin to the work of a talentless kindergarten student, is actually a depiction of imagery that is independent of reality as we know it. Simply put, abstract art is something better appreciated visually without trying to understand what it means.

With this in mind, many artists have tried to come up with their own abstract art masterpieces only to realize that one, you cannot do it if you strictly adhere to supposed ďguidelinesĒ and doing what reality thinks you ought to be doing. The second realization is that once you begin to let go of your standard notions, ideas and beliefs, you will be able to come up with a masterpiece. Itís just doing random brush strokes with a yen to come up with a visual interpretation of what youíre feeling at the moment. You can go online and find abstract art prints that will better explain what the concept of letting go is all about.

Thatís not to say that trying to understand abstract art is difficult. All you actually need is an open mind and endless imagination. Those colorful swirls could actually be a river flowing through lush fields or something else entirely. Abstract art is not something that jumps up at you and declares what it really is about because it really is about anything and everything. Itís all about letting the images fill up your mind and take you where you want to be taken.

Truthfully, if you go and check out the abstract pieces sold on online line art sites like, you will realize that abstract art is the easiest to interpret and understand because there is no wrong or right answer and it all depends on your own perception, how you see things.

These outstanding qualities of abstract art is what makes people want to buy them and hang them in their homes or workplaces, to personalize their spaces and generally to relax their minds as they let the art take them to special places. But abstract art done by the masters can be quite an expensive investment and if you canít really afford to spend that much money, your next best bet would be abstract art prints, which are excellent reproductions of the originals printed on high-quality photo paper. When you view the art canvas prints at Lemon Tree Art for example, you will be amazed at how every piece of detail is replicated, so much that it bears very little difference from the original.

You can also view original works from new artists, whose styles are refreshing and truly worth looking into. You can choose from among the classics and the more modern works, as well as also choose to upload your own photos to turn into unique works of art. Websites like Lemon Tree Art make great art accessible to everyone at prices that are pocket-friendly because who says you canít enjoy art on a budget? Everybody after all deserves to own a masterpiece to enjoy at their leisure because that is what art was made for in the first place Ė to be universally appreciated.

So if you want to take a gander at what modern works look like, view LemonTreeArt website and treat yourself to a visual feast.

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