The Basics of Dog Crate Training

By: SA Perillo

Dog crate training might be hard and difficult for the first time but the benefit that will create is worth it for both of you and your pet. Dog crate training depends on the age of your pet, some might take a couple of days or weeks; however the dogís breed may also affect on how fast your dog will get trained. If you want your dog easily train on using crate then you must provide them a dog crate that are comfortable and suits their size. Today in the market there are lots of dog crates available from different styles, designs, materials used and brands; from cheaper to high-end and pricey crates. Best thing to remember before you purchase a dog crate is to consider the age, breed and your budget as well.

Dog crates are either made of plastic or metal; they have different sizes and styles that would definitely suit each dog. Nevertheless remember to pick those crates that have an allowance for the size of your dog, this will allows your pet to sit, turn around and stand inside without difficulty. The perfect situation especially during travel trip and driving with your beloved dog as you donít want them to get uncomfortable throughout the trip. Having a dog crate is important especially if you want your dog to reduce anxiety in particular during a visit to a vet. You want your dog to have an enclosed space to avoid those destructive behaviors and at the same time keep them away from any accidents. Outdoor activities like hiking and camping with your dog are definitely a fun idea and with the use of a dog crate you donít need to worry how to bring your dog.

One good advice for your dog crate training is to keep away from the idea of punishment every time you want your dog inside the crate. Show your dog that this is not an unlikable place rather praise them every time you see them inside the crate. This will make them realize that they are doing good things; give them food to show them how happy you are. Another way is to place their food near the dog crate; this will make them more comfortable with the crate. They would recognize it more often and eventually will be part of their habit. Slowly every day you can now start placing the food inside the dog crate, once you feel that they are getting comfy inside the crate you can gently close the door. This would definitely the start that they will feel at ease inside the dog crate and you can start using this equipment during travels without worrying that your dog might suffocate inside.

Dog crate is very useful and you need to keep it clean regularly; the pan should always clean and smells good. To avoid the bacteria that might risk the health of your beloved pet you must be responsible also to maintain the cleanliness around them.

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