The Basics Of Shipping A Car

By: Robert Thomson

Shipping a car is probably something that you have never thought much about. Shipping cars may even be something that you didn't realize that you can feasibly do. Of course you know that dealerships can ship a car and you have likely seen the car carriers on the interstate but it isn't something that most people realize that they can do if they want to.

If you have any experience on EBay selling cars, you probably leave it up to the buyer to figure out the details for shipping a car to their location. It could be to your advantage to already have a company set up that will take care of shipping cars to your buyers. It would probably increase your sales if a person who is interested could pay you to arrange shipment of their car. Some buyers would be willing to purchase a car that they want if someone else took care of shipping a car for them.

On the other hand if you are interested in purchasing a car from EBay or any other online auction, you might want to research the best way to ship a car. If you already have a plan, when you see that classic car that you have always wanted at a great deal, you will be prepared to take care of shipping a car to your hometown. You will also have a general idea of what it will cost to ship a car.

If you decide to pursue shipping a car, there are two options available for shipping cars: open or closed shipping. If you decide on shipping a car via open transport, your car will be delivered on an open car carrier like the dealerships use. Closed transport is another option for shipping a car but it is much more costly and is usually used for shipping collectible antique cars. Shipping a car with closed transport protects a car from the elements during shipment.

You can arrange to ship a car from coast to coast or locally if that is what you need. The time for shipping cars normally varies between one to two weeks. Many car shippers will pick your vehicle up at your home but if you live in a rural area you may be required to meet the carrier in a larger city. This can also bring down the price of shipping cars. This can also be true of the arrangements that will need to be made after delivery of the car.

It is important to know that the car shipper will note any damage to the car and report it on the Bill of Lading. You will need to sign the Bill of Lading and so will the shipper; you should also receive a copy of this. When the car is delivered, the buyer and the carrier will go through the same process. This is very important as it protects everyone involved in the process of shipping a car. If the damage is not noted it will not normally be covered by the carrier's insurance policy.

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