The Bank Job” is a crime based movie thriller

By: Navneet Kumar

The movie titled “The Bank Job”is a crime based thriller which is directed by Roger Donaldson and it is written by “Dick Clement” and “Ian La Frenais”. “The Bank Job” was inspired by actual events. A similar robbery event that is shown in the movie, did take place in the year 1971. The movie includes real story and also some imaginations as per the screen writer. However, in my opinion, how much is real and how much is just full of imagination is not all that important. One thing is important and that is, the movie titled “Bank Job” does a great job of keeping the audience guessing the entire 110 minute running time. I would suggest the viewers not to go for a snack break; otherwise you will miss something important during the screening of the movie. Although this movie is a crime thriller, it also turns to be humorous at times. It’s worth a trip to the theater and you will definitely enjoy the movie.

“The Bank job” is part fiction and part truth. The story of “The Bank Job” revolves around Terry leather (Jason Statham) who is having financial difficulties and he is finding it hard to run his car dealership business. However, he meets his old girlfriend, Martine (Saffron Burrows) who returns him to his criminal ways. Martine tells Terry that she knows about a way which can make Terry rich. She further told him that if he follows her new way, he would then be in a position to pay of his debts and thus be able to take care of his wife and children. Martine tells Terry about a bank that is about to undergo a change in its security system, thus leaving a small opportunity to break into the safe deposit vault and take out the entire vault’s contents. Terry agrees with Martine and so he along with some of his criminal buddies, rent a business near the bank and make a tunnel of about 40 feet, through dirt, bricks and other assorted material, right into the vault.

When Terry and his crew started empting the vault, they discovered that money and jewels were not the only precious things found in the safe deposit. Terry and his crew also came across a batch of photo’s featuring a very well-known member of the Royal Family in an extremely compromising (and naked) situation. They also got hold of some X-rated footage featuring government officials enjoying themselves with whips, chains and other S & M toys. Looking at all this, the bank robbers, soon realized that what Martine was really after. But now, there is also a certain member of the criminal underworld who had kept his book of pay off to dirty cops in his safe deposit box. This member of the criminal underworld is willing to kill to get that ledger back in his possession. In other words, he is willing to do anything to keep those secrets (photographs) from falling into the wrong hands.

‘The Bank job’ is a movie that has an engaging story with good actors who have done full justice to their role play. “The Bank Job”, movie itself is a down to earth movie and all should make it a point to watch this movie in the theatre.

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