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By: Emily Butler

These days, a lot of city-dwellers are aspiring to possess some out-of-town property for living or having weekends there with their friends or family. People have has constantly been drawn by nature. Thatís why the landscape design and gardening of location becomes more and more demanded.

That is landscape design what assists to resolve the whole complex of problems and make atmosphere of convenience around you. The possessor of a plot must participate actively during the of landscape design making process on his country site.

Scenery projecting will make convenience and retirement of possessor to nature, if the customers and specialists would cooperate for this purpose.

Methods of landscape design in Russia on a site are defined first of all by natural components. The climate influences a selection of plants for gardening. The relief causes acceptance of the architectural designing resolutions during country-house accomplishment.

The landscape is shaped owing to difference in relief structure and to natural multiplicity. The definite demand of a landscape engineering is the estimation of a condition and opportunities a geomorphological foundation of a site transformation.

That is why a particular landscape analysis of the land lot should be held at the state of creation of the project. The examination comprises detailed inspection of all elements of the landscape located both in projected area, and on adjoining territory.

The vegetation of the territory goes through the particular analysis too. And only when all the examinations are finished the landscape engineering may be started.

The creation of landscape design is the range of various arrangements in refinement, betterment and gardening of the territory. There are utilized diverse natural stuff, such as stone, vegetations, ponds and up-to-date engineering achievements as systems of pouring, illumination and drainage.

When designing a plot it is essential to stick to the laws of nature, but the space must be equipped due to the laws of architecture.

There are 3 main rules in the practice of modern landscape engineering. These rules will help you in creating plant composition:

- Every colour that is utilized on a background of contrasting colour is concerned to be richer. The mixture of contrasting colours assists to reach the entire composition.

- When you mix some colours they diminish the sense of their saturation. It becomes clearer if the colours are nearer to each other in colour circle.

- The contrast will be stricter in situation when stronger difference in brightness and saturation is utilized.

For instance, against red background orange colour looks yellow, yellow seems more green and green seems more blue. On a bright green background, red and dark blue colors get a violet tinge, yellow turns closer to orange colour.

The purpose of the landscape design today is to make the land lot that is overgrown with wild plants, to a comfortable garden that is created in a definite manner on the taste of the possessor. There are a large amount of variants of landscape engineering. They rely on various aspects, such as relief of the ground, customs of the region, taste and fiscal possibilities of the owner. There canít exist two identical land plots on earth, because each one of them is the creation of human hands and the embodiment of the individual idea of the customer.

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