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By: Emily Butler

Nowadays city-dwellers try to get habitation in the country for constant living or for the weekend’s rest. The man has constantly been attracted by nature. According to this fact landscape design and scenery gardening become more and more popular.

That is scenery projecting what helps to resolve the entire complex of difficulties and make atmosphere of convenience around you. Of course, the owner of the land plot must be active in making his scenery design.

Scenery projecting will make convenience and closeness of possessor to nature, if the clients and experts would work together for this goal.

Means of landscape design in Russia on a site are determined at first by natural conditions. The plants are chosen due to the climate conditions of the location. Relief determines architectonic designing resolution of the land plot.

Landscape is shaped owing to multiplicity of nature and difference in relief structure. The certain requirement of a landscape designing is the assessment of a condition and opportunities a geomorphological foundation of a site changes.

This is the reason for the particular relief analysis of the plot that will undergo the landscape projecting. The analysis comprises detailed inspection of all components of the landscape situated both in projected territory, and on adjoining territory.

During examination the object for scenery design and gardening, the vegetation growing on the given site is carefully investigated. Only after all lead investigations it is possible to begin landscape designing.

Landscape designing is a whole set of measures which comprise fulfillment, gardening. Natural stuff such as rock, vegetations, ponds and modern technical achievements such as illumination and pouring and drainage system are utilized.

The project for the land lot should be worked out due to the law of nature but the space – due to the law of architecture.

There are 3 main rules in the practice of modern scenery design. These rules will assist you in making plant composition:

- Every colour is seemed more sated on a background of contrast colour, the combination of contrast colours allows to raise the entire saturation of figures.

- When you mix some colours they diminish the perception of their saturation. It becomes more vivid if the colours are closer to each other in colour circle.

- The more distinction in brightness and saturations, the stronger contrast will appear.

For instance, orange looks as yellow on a red background, yellow seems green and green seems bluer. On a bright green background, red and dark blue colors receive a violet shade, yellow becomes closer to orange colour.

The aim of the landscape design today is to create the land lot that is overgrown, to a cosy garden that is made in a certain style on the taste of the owner. There is a set of methods of landscape engineering, and they rely on different aspects – on a ground, customs of region, taste and fiscal opportunities of the possessor. There cannot be two similar private sites, each of them – an embodiment of a personal plan of the customer.

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