The Analysis Of The Greenery Effect

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The green patches of plants, lawns and gardens within the suburbs the houses, buildings and also the pathways add to the beauty of any place. The nature always inspires people for a happy and healthy living. It provides a pleasure to people busy in everyday routine of a stressful life especially during the morning walk. The Greenbelt is a government policy used in land planningand development to retain areas of largely undeveloped, wild, or agricultural land surrounding or in the suburbs of urban areas.The most important aspect of maintaining the green patches is the lawn care. The lawn care and the maintenance aremarked by the seasonal lawn establishment and care that varies depending on the climate zone and type of lawn grown. The following factors should be kept in complete order for the lawn care and to create a remarkable feature of gardens, public landscapes and parks in many parts of the world;Planting/seeding i.e.,a complete knowledge of the seeding should be taken into account and only those seeds should be cultivated that are to be according to the weather & climatic requirement of that particular part of the year.

Seeding is the least expensive, but it takes longer for the lawn to establish. However, deeper rooting can make for a more durable lawn. Fertilizers and chemicals should be used for the protection and the better plant growth. Lawn mowers should always be kept at work because that is a very important essential item of the lawn care and its maintenance.Water requirement and its conservation is another important factor for the lawn maintenance. Grass typically goes dormant during cold, winter months, and turns brown during hot, dry summer months, thereby reducing its demand for water, hence, a chart should be maintained that records the then requirement of the lawn of hydration.The most important concerns of the lawn care are the environmental ones. So it should include a high amount of biodiversity that is a variety of plants, shrubs and plants bearing flowers/fruits should be an essential part of the lawn and all the green patches for the beauty of the city or even the country.

In Britain, greenbelt patchesin the urban suburbs have been criticized as one of several protectionist political-economic barriers to housebuilding with negative effects on the supply, cost/prices, and quality of the homes. Critics argue that these greenbelts counter their own objective of saving the countryside and open spaces. But, on the contrary the parallel arguments against these are that without the existence of the greenery in sight, life of many does not seem natural and the human nature might get affected with this fact. Many different species of grass are used for lawn development, depending on the intended use and the climate. Two types of grasses i.e., coarse grasses;used where active sports are played, and finer grasses; used for lawns for decoration purposes for their visual effects. Some special grasses are adapted to oceanic climates with cooler summers, and others to tropical and continental climateswith hotter summers.

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