The Advantages of Possessing a Green House

By: navjeet kaur

More and more people now prefer to purchase a green house when it comes to buying a property. This is certainly because of the benefits it offers. Ecological homes, bungalows or apartments are the buildings that are built to have minimum possible adverse affect on the environment. Individuals buying such properties enjoy various benefits apart from minimizing ecological damage. Below mentioned are some of the advantages of owning such houses.

Enhances Indoor Air Quality
The paint used for eco-friendly houses comprises of zero or low level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds release toxic solvents that can cause headaches and dizziness when inhaled by the people.

Green apartments make use of raw materials that cause negligible or no harm to overall well being of those residing in such dwelling. For a fact they enjoy better ventilation facilities, the indoor air quality of their residence is comparatively better. As a result, individuals living in such properties are less exposed to immune or respiratory diseases.

Provides Eco-friendly Living
Principles such as using energy efficient systems and appliances, waste and water management, using eco-friendly roofs are taken into account while constructing ecological real estate. The building and functioning of these eco-friendly homes rely a lot on reuse and recycle of waste materials. Apart from this, an eco-friendly property emits very low amount of green house gas (GHG). Consequently, the carbon footprints released by eco-friendly houses are relatively less when compared to other conventional homes.

Reduces Operating and Maintenance Costs
In addition to providing you healthy living, an eco-friendly property helps you save a lot on your water and electricity bills. The effective and common features of such homes, including the home insulation, rainwater harvesting, allow you to accomplish energy efficiency. For an instance, as these houses can naturally be kept cool in summers by painting the roofs with reflective paints, it lowers the requirement of air conditioners.

Moreover, basic technology is used while constructing these buildings. It means, the equipments and materials used are enduring, which do not need regular maintenance, thus allowing you in saving maintenance bills too.

Offers Loan and Tax Benefits
The banks having tie up with Green Building Council offer rebate on interest rates and processing fees when it comes to getting loan for ecological real estate. Even though the percentage of rebate varies with banks, you are sure to save a lot on your tax return, which is necessary to be filed by every individual owning a property.

High Resale Value
With majority individuals turning towards eco-friendly homes, the demand of these properties is increasing. It means, being an ecological real estate owner, if you later plant to sell your house, you are more likely to get high resale value for your asset. After all, homebuyers would like to invest in an asset that offers healthy living and comes with low maintenance costs.

To enjoy all these benefits, make sure to invest in green real estate. These properties begin to benefit you right from their construction, thus making a worthy investment option for you.

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