The Advantages of Having a Home Business

By: Jan Wilhelm

The most evident advantage of having a home business is that you can be more involved in your family life. I’m not just talking about stay at home Moms. A good deal of the time, the man is the main breadwinner. Often he is away from home most of the week. Today’s man values his family life. He wants to help raise his children. Having a “work at home” business allows him to actively participate with the children. Because so many businesses are failing or downsizing, the online business field has become very popular.

Whether it is the husband or the wife (often couples work as a team in a home business) there is someone there for the kids. No taking off work if your child is sick. You don’t have to ask the boss if you can take off early to see your son’s soccer game. You are there. The amount of quality time you can spend with your children will greatly increase.

Many lines in your family budget will decrease when you start working from home. Gas prices have gone sky high! It doesn’t take any gas to walk from the bedroom to the home office. Look at the time you will save with no commute.

Your clothing budget will probably decrease also. There is no need for expensive dress clothes and shoes when you are working from home. No longer will you feel like you have to go out to lunch with your office mates. Keep that refrigerator stocked with fruits, vegetables and other nutritious items. Not only will you save money, but you will be healthier.

You will also save on your taxes. I cannot give advice on this subject since I am not a qualified accountant, but some of the advantages are obvious. Part of your mortgage will become tax deductible if you have a dedicated office area. Of course items that you buy for the business are deductible. Don’t be afraid to spend money on advertising your business. It is deductible. If you are serious about your home business, you need the advice of an accountant. You will benefit from it.

To me, one of the best reasons to have a home business is that I am my own boss. I have always worked very hard for other people. Sometimes I was rewarded, usually I wasn’t. As my own boss, I will reap all the rewards of my hard work. I won’t have to put up with the idiosyncrasies of a boss. I will not have to deal with office politics. I am the boss and I am in charge.

The greatest reward I have found in having my own “work at home” business is that I now have so much more confidence in myself. It was really scary starting out, but as I progress, my self-confidence grows. I am learning new things. Who would think a 60 year old would learn HTML so she could redesign her website? I did it! I have learned to network with others in my field. So much can be learned form them. As I grow in knowledge, I will pass it on to those new in the field.

I encourage you to investigate the “work at home” industry. Don’t jump on promises of overnight wealth. It doesn’t happen. Look for a legitimate, stable opportunity. If you have the dream of working from home, do something about it. Don’t just dream, take action. With work and determination, who knows what you will be able to accomplish.

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