The Advantages and Disadvantages of Brazilian Wax for Women

By: camron white

The number of women and men who are considering a bikini or a Brazilian wax are ever increasing. Till a few years back Brazilian Wax for Women was considered only for women but Body Waxing for Men has also made its own place in the menís grooming areas. But as all things there are advantages and disadvantages to this hair removal technique. This very popular technique of beauty treatment and self grooming is one of the oldest and the most effective treatments. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before talking it up.

Hair removal in the pubic region is becoming ever more popular. However this trend is actually practiced since thousands of years. For example waxing was very popular in ancient Persia, Greece and India. It has various advantages that are being discovered even today by men and women as both the genders have made this hair removal technique even popular.

Let us now look in to the advantages of Brazilian Wax for Women and Body Waxing for Men

There is nothing more liberating than a hairless pubic region for both men and women. This allows many of us to flaunt those skimpy bikinis and the swim wear without any embarrassment, especially if you have strong or thick pubic hair growth. Waxing offers a sensual feel in both men and women.

This hair removal treatment takes around 30 to 35 minutes. Although the time required may vary on the density of hair and the area to be covered. This procedure must be repeated on a regular base or every three to four weeks.

Brazilian waxing removes all the hair in the pubic region where as a bikini wax removes only the visible hair or the hair on the bikini line.

First timers should always try a bikini wax before attempting a Brazilian.

Hygiene is another important factor that adds in the advantage of waxing. Both men and women experience discomfort due to pubic hair and they are also a cause to various skin related and hygiene problems.

There are also some disadvantages to this technique.

The first and the most discussed disadvantage of waxing is the embarrassment factor. There is a kind of fear and embarrassment, especially for the first timers when having the pubic region waxed. But you should know that like a doctor, even the therapist or the waxing expert has seen it all before and that it really does not matter and there is no need for any embarrassment.

The second most dreadful factor is pain. Waxing can be painful for any kind of waxing. But a few pain relieving tips and an experienced therapist can ease or reduce this pain. However as you undergo more and more sessions the pain reduces considerably as you are aware of the extent of pain.

And finally many women and even men believe that there are far more advantage to waxing than its disadvantages. The pain is a very small price to pay for soft, smooth, hair free and sensuous feel.

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Viva Brazil is a waxing salon that offers the most advanced waxing techniques performed by the most professional and experienced therapists. Learn more about Viva Brazil SD at Body Waxing for Men & Brazilian Wax for Women

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