The Advantage of Using Web Content Filter

By: Clint Jhonson

Studies have consistently shown that almost 50 percent of employees of a typical company are constantly online during work hours. With the implementation of high speed and always-on Internet connection for most corporate offices, such trend is not surprising. However, non-work related browsing activities are also growing as employees tend to use corporate Internet resources for online shopping, gaming, social networking, viewing pornographic sites and sharing files and content through P2P torrent networks. Without an effective web content filter system, managing the network can become a huge headache. On top of this, companies should also deploy pen testing appliance in order to detect malicious activities within the network.

With pen testing or penetration testing capabilities, network and server administrators can have an easier time monitoring the security environment of corporate networks. Such appliance will enable them to immediately patch vulnerabilities in the system and apply measure that will prevent malicious intrusions. However, it is also equally important to give your network administrators the necessary tools to control the browsing activities and Internet access privilege of employees. Companies agree that employees tend to abuse Internet access by using corporate network resources for personal purposes. So, a web content filter should also be in place to check possible abuses.

In the past, the most common method of restricting content browsing is to implement site blocking. Typically though, this method is done manually and network administrators will have to discover first the unauthorized sites that are being accessed. After discovering the sites, the URLs will be listed in the blacklist thus preventing access to them. This can be a very tedious process and will significantly affect the productivity of your IT staff. But with a web content filter appliance, filtering and blocking unauthorized sites from being accessed will become easier. A web content filter appliance will be pre-configured to block typical sites that employees regularly access. It stores and caches the sites on the network servers which enable administrators to effectively track Internet access. If used in conjunction with pen testing appliance, network security is guaranteed.

Aside from the security benefits, pen testing and web content filter hardware can improve the productivity of your employees. The most common applications that reduce productivity are IM or chat services, games applications, and multiple personal email access. Worse, employees can also access gambling as well as pornography sites or share sensitive corporate data through P2P torrent sites. These activities can affect the performance of employees and will expose your network to spyware and malicious scripts. Blocking access to these sites will enable your employees to focus on productive activities and work-related online browsing.

There are many advantages that you can enjoy from content filtering appliance. If you want your network to remain secure, then such hardware can provide significant help for your IT administrators in effectively monitoring malicious network traffic. Your company’s productivity will also improve because employees will not be able to use corporate Internet resources for non-productive activities such as personal online shopping, gaming, and online chatting.

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