The Academic Qualifications and Skill Sets Required For a Successful Psychologist

By: Michael Russell

Psychologists explore the complexities of human mind and behavior. It is exciting and well paid and if you have an inquisitive mind and loads of interpersonal skills, not many career choices could match the charm of this profession. There are various areas of specialization of which the most popular areas are clinical psychology and counseling. In addition there are various other areas of specialization including industrial and organizational psychology, developmental psychology, school psychology, social and experimental psychology.

Job scenario of Psychologists remains bright and there is a severe shortage between the demand and supply of qualified hands, making it well sought after. The modern day career tensions and other factors of concern like the global recession have resulted in a heavy demand for psychologists specialized in organizational psychology. Most of the medium and large organizations are hiring qualifies psychologists on a permanent basis these days unlike in the past where they were hired on short term for orientation sessions. There is tremendous scope for self employment as well for psychologists as it involves minimal set up cost.

A doctoral degree such as Ph.D or Psy.D. Degree from a reputed institute would be required for working as psychologists. In case you are interested in taking up teaching or research as your profession a Ph.D would come handy. Persons with Psy.D could work as counselors or clinical psychologist. School psychologists should have a specialization in school psychology, which involves a three year graduate course and a one year internship. The demand for psychologists is expected to grow faster than other career options in future. The salary package might vary depending on the specialization and the type of career that you are opting.

Psychologists play an important role in ensuring a healthy society by making people stable and secure mentally. Clinical psychologists would help emotionally disturbed clients to lead a normal life and help chronic patients to deal with injuries and to cope up with the trauma. Personal loss, divorce or loss of job is also some of the instances in your daily life where the services of a counselor could prove beneficial. Family counseling and group counseling options are also available.

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In case you wish to take up psychology as your career, you should have lots of patience and endurance and might have to cope up with irregular working hours and repeat sessions in many cases. However the immense sense of accomplishment every time a psychologist brings back a broken and depressed person into normalcy would make it a cut above the rest. Visit careers.

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