The ABCDs Of Choosing A Corner Curio Cabinet

By: Flor Serquina

Every house needs to have corners. They are fundamental areas of the building that provide location for support columns. As important as their functions may be, the sight of a bare corner can be a blot in the overall appearance of your home.

To address this problem about corners, many home decorators have devised countless ways to hide house corners from plain view. One of the most effective means of covering corners is to place furniture in them. Unfortunately, since corners are commonly right angled and thus take the shape of a wide V, common furniture pieces have a hard time fitting in corners.

Corner curio cabinets offer a simple yet effective solution for this furnishing problem. Numerous varieties of these decorative items are available in the market, and the designs can range from classic elegance to utterly stylish. Wood, aluminum, glass and plastic are some of the most common varieties of corner curio cabinets. However, the wooden variety is still best choice to get that lovely effect most decorators are looking for.

Basically, corner curio cabinets turn an otherwise useless corner into a space saving compartment that can enhance the beauty of any room in the home. Apart from being a great home decoration piece, corner curio cabinets can serve as a basic storage object. Coming in different finishes and sizes, these corner cabinets can provide a distinctive appearance and atmosphere in your rooms.

There are many types of curio cabinets but most are used as a storage case for very cherished things. Some corner curio cabinets are utilized as display platforms for various personal collections. With the many benefits that corner curio cabinets can bring into your home, it is high time that you learn how to choose the right one for your home. Read on for a few tips on how to choose your corner curio cabinet.

Start With The Vital Statistics

Get the accurate dimensions of the corner you wish to spruce up. The cabinet must have the correct size in order to perfectly take up the space. It would definitely defeat the purpose of using a corner curio cabinet if it is either too petite or too large for the corner to filled in.

Decide On the Contents

Before you even consider rushing off to your nearest furniture store to buy a corner curio cabinet, you must first plan what to put inside it. As curio cabinets come in so many styles and craftsmanship, knowing the things that will be placed inside the curio cabinet will make your choice of style easy to decide upon. You have to remember that corner curio cabinets are meant to cover ugly corners; having a cabinet full of things that do not go with its style will defeat the purpose of having the cabinet because that part of the house concerned will still be an eyesore.

Another thing you need to consider is the dimension of the trinkets you want to keep inside the corner curio cabinet. Along with the different sizes, the number of objects you intend to store in the cabinet will certainly have an effect on the shelf dimensions.

Coordinate With Existing Furniture

Unless your home has an eclectic style, you really have to take your current furnishings into consideration. Imagine how a particular cabinet would look next to the existing fixtures in the area. The corner curio cabinet should somehow blend in with the entire theme of the room. Fortunately, because of the variety of options you won't have a hard time rummaging around for that perfect match.

Yet again, keep in mind that the wooden variety makes up the finest corner curio cabinets. Since this sort of cabinets are available in sundry colors and designs, picking out a particular one that would tone with your present interior decoration would be relatively easy.

The Issue Of Security

A lot of homeowners make use of corner curio cabinets as display case for a variety of collectible items. If you wish to use these cabinets for the same purpose, then pick out a particular style that can be fitted with locks. You can also opt for corner curio cabinets that have built-in hidden niches that would allow you to store precious articles.

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