The 5 Richest Kings on Earth

By: Emma Beth

Kuwaiti Emir Jabir
Fortune amount: 10 billion Euros

As with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Jabir is also the same as the management of family company manages the desert country floating in the oil. He controlled the lucrative trade, and stock in foreign companies to invest heavily on the market in the world to buy the property, and holds shares of many banks. Jabir should have been restored from Saddam Hussein looted to the strength.

Qatari Emir Hamad
The amount of wealth: 11 billion

Area of the country than in Germany's Thuringia also much smaller and population of less than one million, but the oil makes its ruler become rich. And like other small countries, the monarch, Hamad is also vain: he wants to improve Qatar's international reputation, it has been in organizing tennis, golf tournament, boat races and rally cars, and provide bonuses to the winners.

Oman Sultan Qaboos
The amount of wealth: 12 billion

Kingdom of Oman, in the south of Saudi Arabia peninsula, and its long beard despot not only has oil, but also do business with other countries in the world. Qaboos is good at finance and he invested the money in hotels, banks and some large companies. Among 2.25 million of his people, there are many people living in the "Bible" described of the kind in the original state. He likes classical music, the construction of a private concert hall, and from a video store in Munich near the train station to buy CD.

Brunei Sultan Haji
The amount of wealth: 13 billion

This small monarchy located in the north of the island of Borneo, an area only slightly larger than Mallorca in Spain, population less than 400,000, but the underground oil-rich country, which makes the country's hereditary dictator to become super millionaires. He has many queens, the world's largest palace, which banquet hall can accommodate 4,000 guests. His world-class collection of expensive jewelry, with 181 Rolls-Royce cars and more than 20 private aircrafts, and also has its own airline. He bought Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, bought a palace of Place Vendome in Paris, which was seen as the most expensive real estate.

King Fahd of Saudi Arabia
The amount of wealth: 25 billion

The world's richest monarch, in charge of the huge oil revenues, controls the trade and banking, with the stock and the company, and also around the world to buy real estate. If the summer to Spain Marbella holiday private palace, he will spend every day about 500 million Euros, due to with 100 people accompany him to go there, there are more Boeing aircraft to and from Spain and Saudi Arabia, as for him carrying water from Mecca, grilled lamb shipped from Riyadh, rice transported from Jeddah. In addition, he also had a large group of wives, more than 1,000 relatives rely on him.

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