The 4 Biggest Challenges in Network Marketing Online, the Solution & the Network Marketing Blueprint

By: Dwayne Huggins

I would like to point out that each group is a collective of challenges, instead of 1 single challenge.

1. Not enough information and knowledge.

To be involved in network marketing online you will have to be computer literate. You do not have to have a masters degree in IT, but you will need to know your way around your computer and be comfortable using the internet. People from this group are just getting started. Their own website, capture pages, auto-responders are all new to them. They haven't aquired the knowledge of how to build list and attract new prospects. People from this group are usually excited about their business and want to get started as soon as possible. They would love a step by step plan to follow which will get them their desired results whilst teaching them how and what to do in order to achieve the results.

2. Information overload.

This can be worse than not having enough information. A person in this group understands the basics, but they keep researching each part of the process. They don't know how all the elements fit together, caputre pages, blogs, video marketing, social media, article marketing, pay per click and all the other strategies. So they research each part and they get bombarded with tons of information. This information overload leads to the person trying many different methods, and not seeing any results from them. This leads to frustration and part of the reason why 97% of network marketers fail.

3. Bad systems and information.

Old school network marketers will relate to this group. The systems which their uplines instruct to use are no longer relevant and do not work as effectively. The methods which the company lets them use to market are out of date, or the company restricts the use of any other marketing methods. This leads to confusion and conflict. The work load would be very high but the results will be tiny if there are any at all. The people in this group just want a system which has been proven to work with step by step guides on how to use and set the system up.

4. Lack of resources.

Does this sound familiar?

I have a full time job, I have little or no spare time to put into the business.I work all day, I have no time to put into a business.

My family need all my spare attention.

I don't have any money to invest in a business.

Aside from the fact that these are just excuses, what the people in this group are saying is, I need something that works for me with my limited time and money. (I do understand that everyone’s situation is different, but the only thing that limits you is your mind set).

The solution is simple to these network marketing online challenges.

Use a system that works!

There are many different business systems online, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, find the system which best suits your needs. You only need 1 business system. If you want to know the system which best suits my needs feel free to contact me on [email protected]

Now blast traffics throught your system. There are 100’s of ways to generate traffic. What you need to do is find 2-3 methods which you are comfortable with. Focus on these methods and use them consistently. You will start to see results. As the results come in, you would of become more used to and faster at using these methods and you will also now be generating cashflow which you could invest in more marketing methods.

This solution makes up the Network Marketing Blueprint which all the successful network marketers use.

Network Marketing Blueprint.

The blueprint has 3 simple components:
1. Automated prospecting system. This will convert visitors to your page into qualified prospects and leads.
2. Traffic methods. Use only a few in the beginning and try to master the most productive 1.
3. A process to convert leads into paying customers or distributors. This is what is all about, growing your team and making the sale.

When you find a system which follows this network marketing blueprint, you will be on the road to success. Remember the main ingredient in all of this is you. If you don’t put in the work and resources needed you will not succeed. The system is only their for your use.

Forget excuses, the successful overcome challenges.


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Dwayne Huggins knows the importance of providing valuable information. He has researched the challenges of Network Marketing Online for you.

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