The 3 Vital Components of a Great Attraction Marketing System

By: Marius Ystenes

When choosing which attraction marketing system to use, you should know that there are several important pieces that need to be present in order for the system to be a good one. There are a lot of systems on the market all claiming to be the world's greatest one, and you should educate yourself so that you are able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

For an attraction marketing system to have the best results for your business, there are three main pieces that need to be present.

Position Yourself As a Leader
The attraction marketing system your use should not try to push your primary business on your prospects upfront. It should rather give useful and valuable content to them, which again has the result of branding you as a leader in the market place that knows what you're doing. This way you will stand out from the crowd and everyone else out there that are just shouting as load as possible about their business opportunity, and you will show people that you will provide the help and support your prospect needs. You will then gain respect from your prospects and they will listen to what you have to say, follow you and then eventually maybe join you in your business.

An important fact to take note of is that people join other people because they like, know and trust them, they do not just join a business opportunity because of the opportunity itself.

Build Your List
The second component to a great attraction marketing system is the possibility to build your own list of prospects, and this is a piece that many systems actually miss out on. Your business IS your list in this industry and it is absolutely crucial that the prospects that you work hard to bring into the system are YOUR leads, and NOT the system's!

Your prospects that you build up and start building relationships with is an asset your are going to enjoy benefits from for a long, long time to come. When you do a good job of building a relationship with your list and providing the people on it with a ton of great value, you will be in a position to virtually print money on demand, and this will happen regardless of how many that join you in your main opportunity.

Do The Grunt-Work For You By Presenting Your Main Business On Autopilot
The third and last piece that are present in the best attraction marketing systems, is that the system should present your main opportunity to your list automatically. Once more, this should not be done upfront in a pitchy style, but rather be presented to your prospects further down your market funnel, after they have learned more about you as a person. It's important to provide and present your prospects with information about your primary business at just the right times, and this is something a great attraction marketing system should provide and do for you automatically. Done right, you will see a very great percentage of people joining you in your main business.

Furthermore, your attraction marketing system should actually sift and sort through your prospects for you and weave out the prospects that aren't really interested in your business, so that you only spend your time as effectively as possible and just with the highest qualified ones. It should also do all the explaining and selling for you, so that you can concentrate your efforts where its most needed; in more marketing and getting more prospects into your sales funnel, and build relationships with the most qualified of them.

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