The 2 most Terrible Foods That Make You fat - One I Can Guarntee You Will Alarm You

By: Darren C Boal

The 2 foods that will make you fat I'm going to discuss in my article will shock you... most people wrongly consider these 2 foods are "healthy". For as long as I can remember these 2 foods generally surprise friends and family when I point out they should consider taking these foods from their diet.
Pretty much everyone these days understands how terrible trans fats and high fructose corn syrup are for you, so I figured instead of giving another lecture about these 2 most horrible foods... I will discuss 2 foods that will astound you, and help make you obese or may be the reason why you are currently chubby.
The first category of food that is time and again mistakingly thought to be healthy for you iswheat products... these on average include most pastas, cereals, breads, crackers, muffins, bagels and so on. And yes, I am adding "whole wheat" in this category of food that will make you obese.
To begin with, a huge percentage of the western world has some level of intolerance to gluten which is found in wheat and some other grains. The most susceptible to gluten is clearly celiacs. As a whole, most of the population don't relize, the human digestive system was never meant to eat large portions of wheat.
For the last couple thousand years since wheat was presented into the human diet, it's only been the last 100 years that it has been consumed in excessively large quantities. So compared to the length of time the human race has been evolving for and the time frame in which wheat products have been consumed, our digestive system which has been developing overseveral hundred thousand years eating a diet of meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds our digestive system still hasn't fully become accustomed to coping with wheat products in the amounts we are consuming as a society.
From my own trial and error over many years, I have found that if I didn't have any type of wheat in my diet for a period of around 2 weeks to see if I lost some off season weight, I found this made a big difference. So if I was to compare this to other "pre-seasons" I had completed where I had consumed wheat products that I was able to get rid of the "off-season" body fat alot faster. I also concluded that I wasn't suffering from indigestion and skin ailments that I was prone to before I eliminated wheat from my diet.
The 2ndexample of the most horrible foodsthat will stun you because just about everyone would believe that this is healthy for you is --fruit juice.
I hope I am not confusing you with what I am trying to suggest, I'm not an anti-carb campaigner as such... Personally, I believe that most fruits are in fact very beneficial for us However, let me explain when I say fruit, I mean fruit as a whole and not separating the juice from the vital fibre which has so many valuable ingrediants.
If you separate the juice from fruits, you are not getting the appetite rewarding benefits of the fiber in the actual fruit, leaving you yearning for more carbs. The fiber in the whole fruit actually slows your blood sugar response when eating whole fruit compared to fruit juice. This gives it a lower GI rating as opposed to a higher GI or spiking of your blood sugar levels.
When all is said and done... if you consume to much fruit juice it will contribute to adding unwanted fat. Alternatively, eating whole fruits that includes all of the fiber helps you maintain a well balanced diet and high nutrient density. This is obviously only the case if the rest of your diet doesn't include unprocessed foods as well.

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