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Bridge relationship wuchang, hankou southern region and northern have several oceanic masses, is considered as the convenience wuhan "blocking city" this key venture. Apparently, erqi Yangtze stream link was accomplished, the shunt of wuhan river-crossing transport automobiles, great some ideas to visitors stress. Several supposedly, after the starting to visitors, the link daily can discuss the abercrombie and fitch town visitors across about 100000 vehicles, wuhan Yangtze stream to get a number of visitors on the 15%, 18% for two link and problem.

Bridge in Aug 2008 to start work, but truly, there were a lot of press reviews say, link may be accomplished a season beginning interval, "will be accomplished next season to the end of Sept."Supposedly, the link was accomplished a season beginning, because the development device advancement a technological advancement, compacted the time frame, plus other new technological advancement used, create the past development on the size on the similar venture need two water, now a water to complete it.

However, there are reviews that, so want to drive in the end with the end of Sept 2011 achievement, because ". The Abercrombie Brussel store Yangtze stream link is wuhan public individuals govt set, the key venture with the trend is to honor the 100th wedding birthday with the venture, must honor by Sept 30, 2011 new feather!"However, the objective has not come until 2011, the season on Sept 27, to realize the link across the closing, start to visitors date was delayed for the end of 2011.Even so, the link development interval is still anxious. In the center of Dec, hubei an invisible stations review, erqi Yangtze stream link to ensure on Dec 31 to sleek start to visitors, employees are working all night to development, but "rob period" and excellent clashed, "workers and concrete is all and irregular, how to create sure quality?"

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YiJiang hon then says, "you don't have, such a cold day, 24 duration of planning yesterday, I was 50 % past 11 in the weblink, isn't the really really brightly lit? A physical, cold workers like a examine, how to do? You said he cold out into the, he can make components with you do just fine? No way, we were crushed also does not have strategy, the respiration to come over."

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