Tendency Commentary: Non smoking Enviroments

By: Jon Tipping

The list of countries that have enacted smoking bans is so long it is easier to reference those that have not. Cyprus is maybe the most notable land that has yet to prohibit smoking in public. Chad, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, and several other Central and Western Africa countries even now permit smoking in public, restaurants, and workplaces.

In the United States, only a handful of states lack a statewide smoking ban. The tendency, however, suggests this will be short-lived. In April 2009, the Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights reported that more than 70 percent of the United States population lives under some form of non smoking ban. At this time, fewer than 40 percent live under bans that include bars, restaurants, and the workplace.

In several countries, smoking can land you in detention. Zambia enforces a non-smoking ban that when violated can result in a sizeable charge or up to two years in prison. Parts of China have also prohibited smoking, but infrequently enforce the law. The types of laws and penalties greatly fluctuate, on the contrary one thing remains unswerving - every person, far and wide is addressing the concerns linked with tobacco use and second hand smoke.

Overall, the non-smoking law trend is growing in popularity. As research continues to discover the dangers of tobacco use, additional people and lawmakers are becoming alarmed. This concern directly evolves into new policies considered to safeguard the general public. outside-ashtrays and other receptacles are forced further and further from buildings, and now and then to the edges of properties. Smoking is being prohibited the world over, even in cars whilst children are present. As this tendency continues, more facilities and public areas will observe less tobacco use. Hundreds of states and countries are reporting the greater than ever movement to diminish contact to second hand smoke. It is just a matter of time before the whole planet shares a parallel view on smoking policies.

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