Tell you a secret about whiskey

By: Hayden

Want to know how to distinguish from the year of whiskey, bowie, distillery characteristics? The following things I want to say, very few people will mention, because it is unknown characteristic that whiskey becomes the unique.

The secret of age, wine-resolution age tends to be through color, more blue and purple the color is, the younger it is; the more brick red, the younger it is. Whiskey color cannot be on behalf of its age. The color of old vintage whiskey may be as pale as water, and New vintage whiskey may be dark brown. Don't be deception by color, only its taste is able to distinguish from the year of whiskey. Whiskey taste is usually divided into two parts, winery taste andCask taste. Winery taste is referred to various of citrus fruit and wheat aroma producing in the distillation. Cask taste is involved in the impact of the barrel to the wine. The young wine is fruity spicy and rich, in the aging process, the winery taste will be more calm and elegant. All aging whiskey are completed in oak barrels, so, the greater impact the cask causes, the older the wine is. As wine absorbs the taste from the barrel with time continuously, complete the combination of the two taste.

Now that the barrel affects the aging wine so much, what is the secret of the barrel? There are two kinds of barrel available for wine age are the barrel of the United States and Europe barrel? How to distinguish between them? In fact, distinguish the barrel is not the mouth, but the eyes. United States Bourbon barrels are most easily distinguishable. Its color is light golden brown. Just see such beautiful pastel colors must be the bourbon barrels. The barrel color of Europe is very rich brown, like thick chocolate color, it is also easily distinguished. Due to the big different in two casks, the taste is also different, the wine in USA barrel is relatively light with the aroma of vanilla, coconut and butter; European oak barrels is rich with spices, cinnamon, pepper, cedar and other wood taste.
Due to the different characteristics of the cask, their preference for the deployment of the masters is different, therefore the deployment of the wine has its own characteristics. So you need to know the secret of the deployment of the master. The famous deployment has their own style and classic works. For example Jim Beveridge, his representative works is the famous Johnnie Walker. Johnnie Walker we are familiar is deep brown, with spices and honey sweetness. As long as you are familiar with this wine can understand his basic style in the production of wine.

He uses a lot of European barrels for aging. His deployment wine has the classic dark brown color traces. The contrast is his colleague MaureenRobinson, who is the most famous female deployment in Scotland. Her classic deployment works is Windsor whiskey, as well as Talisker from the Skye. As sensitive to the taste of women, she does not like aged whiskey excessive use of the European barrel. She also abandoned Spanish Sherry oak barrels many collectors keen to, and the extensive use of the United States Bourbon barrels. By her classic deployment of Windsor whiskey color can be seen, not sepia but bright amber. Talisker she deploy has been light as water for 30 years, Bourbon barrels are reused two or three times are used in a lot of old vintage whiskey by her. The styles of the deployment have different reflected from the color, aroma and flavor, as long as the search for a clue will find its source.

It is the superposition evidence of all the whiskey secret, every secret is very simple and straightforward, but it cannot represent all the answers. Just like a detective novel, "only one murderer!" When all the evidence points to an answer, then you will be successful.

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